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7 Stellar Summer Camp Movies ...

By Lyndsie

When I was a kid, I had to live with stellar summer camp movies because I never went to camp myself. Well … once I was supposed to spend a long weekend at Vacation Bible Camp, but I ended up calling my dad to come pick me up the morning after I arrived. However, that’s a different story. The point is, I always loved books and movies about summer camp, because I could live the experience vicariously, without worrying about bug juice and short sheeting. For the love of nostalgia, here are my favorite stellar summer camp movies!

1 Heavyweights

HeavyweightsPrice: $8.49 at
I love this movie so much. I mean seriously, it’s not only a stellar summer camp movie, it’s one of my favorite movies, period. I love Ben Stiller’s role, but mainly, I love all those kids! Gerry is awesome! I’d marry him tomorrow – if he wasn’t just a movie character.

2 Wet Hot American Summer

Wet Hot American SummerPrice: $11.49 at
This movie is a gem. What could be better than early Paul Rudd? As a matter of fact, early Amy Poehler. Plus, gorgeous Marguerite Moreau is in this – sweet! The best part is, it’s ridiculously funny – it had to be, since it was written and directed by two members of The State.


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3 Addams Family Values

Addams Family ValuesPrice: $10.99 at
I know that most of the movie doesn’t take place at summer camp, but I don’t care. Wednesday and Pugsley are there, wreaking all kinds of havoc, and that’s enough for me. Seeing those two alongside all those wholesome types never fails to make me feel better about being weird.

4 Friday the 13th

Friday the 13thPrice: $10.69 at
Not every stellar summer camp movie is all about fun and good times. Sometimes people die. They die! Although I could do without all the sequels, the original Friday the 13th is all about summer camp fun. And dying!

5 Camp

CampPrice: $10.99 at
I don’t know what I can say about Camp that will truly reveal its awesomeness. You really just have to watch it yourself. If you like Glee, though, you’re sure to love this. It’s based on a real camp, and the talent in this movie is phenomenal.

6 Indian Summer

Indian SummerPrice: $14.37 at
This is a stellar summer camp movie for the grownups. The premise is that adults who attended a closing summer camp as children are invited back. The movie itself is both funny and touching, and it has a great cast, such as Bill Paxton pre-Big Love, and Diane Lane.

7 Meatballs

MeatballsPrice: $13.49 at
Meatballs is a quintessential oddball comedy, and if you like to laugh at rather gross comedy, give it a look. Besides, it was directed by Bill Murray and Ivan Reitman, and they hit it out of the park with Ghostbusters and Stripes, too. Murray also stars, so you know it’s good. Only the original, though – the sequels are awful!

it’s a shame there aren’t more stellar summer camp movies. Hollywood needs to get a clue and find out what people really like. For those of you who went to summer camp, let me know how it was! Is there any reality in these movies?

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