8 Movie Night Party Ideas That Rock ...


8 Movie Night Party Ideas That Rock ...
8 Movie Night Party Ideas That Rock ...

Movie Night Party Ideas can make your movie night ten times more awesome. There are tons of themes you can incorporate and movies you can celebrate, it all depends on your preference and the personalities of the people you invite. Lots of movie night party ideas revolve around a certain movie, like all those awesome Rocky Horror Picture Show nights, while others revolve around an overall theme. You can pick your poison easily – just take a look at the following movie night party ideas that rock!

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Red Carpet Night

This movie night party idea can give your guests a chance to dress up and really shine. You don't have to do this during Oscar night or anything. Rather, have your own Oscar night, where you watch films that have won the big award. That way, the former attire can be up for debate!


Caddyshack Party – a Classic Movie Night Party Idea

Back in the '80s and early '90s, I've heard stories of these parties. However, lovers of the classic film still have them. Why? Because Caddyshack became instantly iconic. It's funny as can be, there are tons of characters to portray, and if you have a lot of golf lovers coming to your house, it sure beats Happy Gilmore – and that's coming from a girl who loves her some Adam Sandler.


Name That Line

In addition to being a great movie night party idea, this is also a fantastic game. While everyone is sitting around watching the movie, you just pause it right before a well-known scene. The first person to shout out the upcoming line receives a point. At the end of the night, the person with the most points gets a prize!


Marathon Parties

Harry Potter (all of which I'm re-watching like mad), Lord of the Rings (all of which I re-watch like mad all the time), Star Wars, the X-Men, the Godfather – see the theme here? Movie franchises! They're great for marathon movie nights – although you can also watch movies within the same genre, or starring the same actors. Marathon parties are great when you don't want the show to end too early.


Family Night

It's great to have a family movie night. The togetherness is what makes this such a wonderful movie night party idea. You can also invite uncles, aunts, and cousins, or even friends who feel like family. Print out your own movie tickets, pop some corn, and really enjoy yourself as a family.


An Outdoor Movie Experience – a Drive-in Movie Night Party Idea

What could be better than watching a movie outside? I don't know about y'all, but every drive-in within a hundred mile vicinity of here seems to be closed down, but if you have the right equipment, you can make your own drive in. All you need is the right kind of projector, some lawn chairs, a fire pit … wow, that'd be nice.


A Theme Night

Okay, this is kind of like Caddyshack night, but not really. Caddyshack movie parties are just iconic, but you can have a theme night tailored to whatever you like. You can dress up as, oh, let's say Hogwarts students and staff members! Or as characters from the Addams Family, or Lord of the Rings, or anything, really – it all depends on what you and your guests like to watch!


Potluck Movie Night

I am proud to say that I came up with this particular movie night party idea all by myself! Let me pause for your applause – thank you, thank you! This isn't quite like a potluck dinner. Rather, have all your guests bring their favorite movie treat – so you can end up with popcorn, sodas, Gummy Bears, Sno-Caps, licorice whips, and who knows what else!

These are the absolute best movie night party ideas I found. There are tons more, and they all depend on your druthers – you know, what you druther do! A number of these movie night party ideas can be specifically tailored to your movie night, and the group you're entertaining. Either way, they'll definitely ensure a good time! If you regularly devote your evenings to flick with friends, what are some movie night party ideas you'd like to try?

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