7 Kevin Smith Movies I Love ...

I think Kevin Smith is a genius. He's one of my favorite writers, one of my favorite directors, and one of my favorite actors too – I love that chubby face! He's also the mastermind behind many of my favorite movies. Some of his films are uniformly adored, some of them universally panned – there are probably several of each on this list of Kevin Smith movies I love!

1. Dogma

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This is unequivocally the Kevin Smith movie I love most. It's one of my favorite movies ever, when it comes to that. I love the religious philosophy that drives the movie, and I think it has the potential to speak to people of any faith. It focuses on love and tolerance in a way that was designed to make younger generations understand the concepts a little better. Plus, it was also frigging hilarious. And I'm sorry, but I loved Alanis as God!

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