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Everyone loves a good romantic comedy, but sometimes it’s difficult to find good lesser known romantic comedies. Romantic comedies have gotten a bad reputation in the past few years, but there are some incredible lesser known romantic comedies that we seem to forget about. Chances are you haven’t seen most of these movies, so get some popcorn and start watching! You will definitely find one of your new favorite romantic comedies on this list!

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The Giant Mechanical Man

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The Giant Mechanical Man is a fairly new movie, yet there wasn’t much buzz when it first came out. It sounds like a weird premise: a street performer makes an unlikely friend out of a girl who’s completely lost, yet it’s one of those rare romantic comedies that aren’t too cheesy. It’s simple, yet both hilarious and beautiful. It’s a must-see whether you love romantic comedies, film in general, or both! It’s one of the quieter lesser known romantic comedies, yet amazing nonetheless.


Stuck in Love

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This movie tends to dabble on the drama end in terms of film, but it also has dark, sarcastic comedic undertones to it. It’s a romantic dramedy, if that’s considered a genre. If it’s not, let’s make it one! You’ll cry, you’ll laugh, and you’ll watch some awesome characters fall in love. Speaking of the characters, these characters are more complex than we’ve seen in any romantic comedy in a while, and they’re backed up by a solid cast with the likes of Greg Kinnear, Jennifer Connelly, Lily Collins, and Logan Lerman, just to name a few. You simply can’t miss this movie!


Friends with Kids

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Personally, I was hesitant to watch Friends with Kids because a lot of people told me that it wasn’t as funny as they were expecting it to be. With a cast comprised heavily of Saturday Night Live alums, that is true, but I still found it to be hilarious. Like Stuck in Love, it’s a darker comedy, but funny nonetheless. It’s not nearly as in your face funny as what this cast is usually known for, but worth a watch regardless.


Crazy, Stupid, Love

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Crazy, Stupid, Love isn’t necessarily lesser known. It did well in the box office, it had an insane cast, and it was really funny. Still, though, when talking about classic romantic comedies, this one is somehow always forgotten. Who would’ve thought that Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, and Julianne Moore could make a movie together, and that it could turn out to be so funny? It’s an unlikely combination, yet it worked so well.


Before Sunrise

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Before Sunrise, like Crazy, Stupid, Love, is often forgotten about when talking about favorite romantic comedies. Maybe it’s because it’s not exactly “laugh out loud funny.” It’s a quiet romantic comedy. It’s simple, and because of that it isn’t talked about much.


Celeste and Jesse Forever

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Many people haven’t heard of Celeste and Jesse Forever, yet it boasted an insane ensemble cast, including people like Andy Samberg, Rashida Jones, Emma Roberts, and Chris Messina. It’s a funny, albeit improbable plot, with an even funnier cast. There’s not much that you won’t love about this movie.


The Spectacular Now

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This movie is the romantic comedy of today for all of the teens out there. There aren’t many romantic comedies for teenagers of today, and while The Spectacular Now is on the darker side of comedy, most teenage girls (and adults) will leave the movie swooning.


Julie and Julia

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When Julie and Julia came out, the main focus, from the press and its audiences, was the food. While food was definitely a star of this movie, it’s also a romantic comedy. Sure, there’s no massive, public declaration of love, but this movie is also about two men supporting their wives as they find their passion. That’s so rarely documented today, making it one of my favorite romantic comedies, even if no one else thinks of it as a romantic comedy.


Ira and Abby

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Ira and Abby almost completely flew under everyone’s radar, but it shouldn’t have. It stars Jennifer Westfeldt and Chris Messina, who both do tremendous jobs in their roles. It’s a movie full of whimsy and impulse decisions, and then suddenly it’s not. This is a rare find about the realities of the world, while somehow holding true to the romantic comedy format.

Have you seen any of these movies? Which is your favorite? What’s your favorite lesser-known romantic comedy?

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The Giant Mechanical Man is such a great movie and nobody seems to really know about it. Thanks for putting it on top of the list!

I love "Head Over Heels" with Freddie Prinze Jnr and Monica Potter. It's the classic girl falls for guy, suddenly believes guy is a murderer and hilarity ensues.

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