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He doesn’t do movies often, but when he does those Baz Luhrmann movie moments hit you minute after minute. While I haven’t seen the first movie he made as a director, I have watched the last three over and over. Baz Luhrmann movie moments from Moulin Rouge, Romeo & Juliet, and The Great Gatsby always make me smile. They are probably some of the most romantic in Hollywood’s history!

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Satine and Christian’s Elephant Moment

Satine tries to play it cool, at first. But we all know there is no way she won’t fall for Christian’s charms, even if he is just another writer trying to make it in Bohemian Paris! After singing that awesome love song mash up, their firework-filled kiss with an opera singing moon is spectacular. I used to love listening to that song as a teenager! This is one of THE best Baz Luhrmann movie moments in my opinion.


Romeo & Juliet Eyeing Each Other up through the Fish Tank

How YOUNG does Claire Danes look in this movie? She still looks spectacular now, but she is so baby-faced in Romeo & Juliet. When Romeo & Juliet are checking each other out through the fish tank, they don’t even know who the other one is! It doesn’t take them long to find out, though.


Christian Saving Satine during the “Spectacular Spectacular’s” Opening Night

It seems as though we need to mourn Satine and her newfound lust for love as Moulin Rouge draws to a close. Just as she is performing in “Spectacular Spectacular,” Christian storms in and kicks some serious arse. I know things get tragic afterwards, but still, this is a seriously romantic moment.


Gatsby Seeing Daisy for the First Time in Five Years

I was so nervous waiting for this moment to arrive when watching “The Great Gatsby.” When it did, I wasn’t disappointed. Leonardo DiCaprio does such a great job of acting this out. He doesn’t look bad after being rained on either.


Romeo & Juliet’s Pool Kiss

How on earth would Juliet even explain away being soaking wet to her nanny? I guess a girl doesn’t really need an excuse to go swimming fully clothed, not when she’s that rich. This is one of them moments that sets the bar for kisses! Sadly, few experiences live up to it.


Gatsby and Daisy Planning to Be Together

Even though most of us would guess how Gatsby and Daisy’s relationship is going to go, there is no harm indulging in that little moment when they are absolutely convinced everything will be okay. As they make plans together, it is easy to believe they will come to fruition. So when you watch that moment, let it sink in; the happiness doesn’t last for long!


THAT Elevator Kiss

Okay, so there is ONE more moment that beats the pool kiss: it is the elevator kiss. Romeo knows who she is, Juliet knows who he is. They choose to just steal a kiss anyway. I’d love to go in an elevator like that as well. I know that is a strange ambition.


Mercutio’s Death Scene

Okay, so the romance in this is questionable. To me, it is romantic because the Montagues and Capulets have fought, Mercutio is dying, and his curse on all of their houses fires up Romeo’s love even more. In true Shakespeare form, it really sets the fate of things to come. This is one of those few scenes that left me feeling teary!


Gatsby Fights Tom for Daisy

This scene is as sad as it is romantic. You sort of know that everything has fully gone downhill, and you want to kill Tom for being so smug. But you really get to see Gatsby’s passion for Daisy and it makes you hate Tom even more!

Nobody does a bit of romance or death quite like Baz Luhrmann. In fact, nobody does glamour like him. I don’t tire of any of these films, ever! What are your favorite Baz Luhrmann movie moments?

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