7 Movie Remakes That Absolutely Overshadowed the Originals ...


Every so often there are movie remakes that are so good, we forget all about the originals. Movie remakes come in many forms. Some have been done time and time again, like The Great Gatsby and Wuthering Heights. Others we probably wouldn’t have heard of if it wasn’t for the new version. With Jamie Foxx’s superb looking Annie around the corner, I think now is a good time to celebrate other remakes!

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101 Dalmatians

Okay, so we will never not love the original 101 Dalmatians. This cute tale follows the story of two dog lovers who fall in love and battle the unwelcome attentions of Cruella de Ville. Cruel Cruella (I love what they did with her name there) only wants the dogs for their fur! In my opinion, this is one of those rare movie remakes that can take a cartoon and make it 10 times better.


Father of the Bride

I love Steve Martin, all of his comedies remind of my 90's childhood years. Father of the Bride was a bit of a hit in the 1960s, but even more in the 1990s. It follows the story of troubled George Banks, who is watching his little girl prepare for her big day as a bride. Complete with a flamboyant wedding planner, it makes for absolute hilarity all the way through.


The Longest Yard

I’m not usually one for sports comedies, but The Longest Yard did nail this niche for me. Featuring Adam Sandler and Chris Rock, it focuses on the story of Paul Crewe, who is a disgraced footballer serving his time in prison for fixing a match. Despite being spectacularly unpopular inside at first, he leads his fellow prisoners in forming a football team. Stay with me on this one, it really is funny.


Miracle on 34th Street

I follow Mara Wilson on Twitter, because she has gone from being the cute kid from my childhood to a witty and intelligent woman I admire! In Miracle on 34th Street, she plays little Susan, who has absolute faith that Santa isn’t real. Santa agrees to give Susan a dad, a house, and a brother, just so she will believe in him!


The Nutty Professor

In my opinion, The Nutty Professor shows Eddy Murphy at his best. As the name suggests, this film as all about a Nutty Professor. It isn’t complete slapstick comedy, though. This Nutty Professor—Sherman—develops a formula to make him thin. Unfortunately, this lets out his alter-ego Buddy, who is a bit of an ass. There are some great scenes around the dinner table where Eddy plays the majority of the overweight characters. It is amazing.

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Ocean’s Eleven

I had NO idea Ocean’s Eleven was a remake until the other day. As we all know, this celebrity-packed movie focuses on a group of cunning con artists pulling off an elaborate heist. Personally, I can get behind ANY movie featuring Julia Roberts AND George Clooney. The fact that there were two follow-ups to Ocean’s Eleven makes me love it even more.


The Parent Trap

Who remembers Lindsay Lohan when she was cute? With that awesome red hair and lovely freckles, she was beyond adorable. The Parent Trap focuses on twins separated at birth, who then meet years later at a summer camp and decide to swap places. The problem being, one is in the states and the other is in London. Lindsay’s English accent is a little on the questionable side in this, but I am willing to overlook that.

Movie remakes aren’t always amazing. I can think of a few horrors that definitely needed to remain in their vintage format! Similarly, there was no need to touch Fame, and if anybody ever touches Dirty Dancing I think I may die. If there is a movie remake you love, what is it?

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No, Nutty Professor, Miracle on 34th Street, and Parent Trap are waaaay better as originals. The remakes are okay but nowhere near as good.

Parent trap and miracle on 34th street...no way the remakes were better than the originals! Parent Trap I would say maybe as good but definitely not better

Are you serious?

Father of the bride is one of my all time favorites

I agree with your list! Especially Father if The Bride! Love that movie, I really love that house!

Flowers in the attic had a really good remake come out this year

It's Dalmatians, not Dalmations ^_^

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