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7 Movies about Friendship to Watch with Your Girls ...

By Teresa

It’s not always easy to find movies about friendship. However, with a little prying, there are some really great movies about friendship to watch your girls. Whether you’re looking for movies for a marathon with your best friends, or you’re planning an old-school sleepover, these movies about friendship must make your list.

1 Bachelorette

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This movie went quietly under everyone’s radar due to being released around the same time as Bridesmaids. However, it’s an insanely good movie about female friendships that shouldn’t be forgotten. Plus, now that it’s on Netflix, there is no excuse for skipping out on one of the best movies about friendship in recent years.

2 The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

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The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is one of the most complex movies for younger girls, possibly ever. There’s so much going on in each of the girl's lives, it’s a nice breath of fresh air. That being said, though, at its core, it’s a movie about friendship and fierce loyalty, making it a must-watch, no matter your age, during your next girls’ night in.

3 Clueless

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This movie has made a resurgence recently, due to everyone’s sudden taste for 90's nostalgia. Although it may seem like a movie about airheads, and it is, it’s also a movie about growing up with your best friends. If you’re looking for a comedy for your next girls’ night, this movie will have you laughing from start to finish.

4 Mean Girls

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The title of this movie may seem to be the exact opposite of strong female friendships, but at its core, this movie is about finding true friends, with more than a few blunders along the way. We’ve all had to learn to weed the Regina Georges and Gretchen Wieners out of our lives to get to our Janis and Damien.

5 Sex and the City: the Movie

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While Sex and the City, the TV show is often met with debate over whether or not it is truly a show about friendship; the movie is, without a doubt, about female friendships first and foremost. Carrie’s friends drop everything to go on her honeymoon with her after Big leaves her at the altar. Their love for one another, in this movie especially, just proves Charlotte’s now infamous quote to be true. “Maybe we could be each other’s soul mates, and then we can let men be these great, nice guys to have fun with.” Because in the end, your best friends are your soul mates, not the guy who leaves you at the altar. They’re the people who are going to stick by your side, no matter what.

6 Bridesmaids

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While Bridesmaids was definitely a movie that changed the course of female-driven comedy, it’s also a movie that’s about fiercely loyal friendships. Haven’t we all had those moments when our best friends meet new, obviously fake, friends. I think we’ve all been in Annie’s position, making it a wonderful movie about friendship. Plus, it’s one of the funniest movies of the past decade, making it a must-watch during your next night in with your girls.

7 Bride Wars

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Yes, Bride Wars is technically a movie about two best friends who get into a fight of epic proportions, but eventually they find their way back to each other, and we’ve all had moments like that. While I’m almost positive most people don’t have fights with their best friends to the extent of they do in Bride Wars, many best friends grow apart and eventually come back together. It’s a somewhat realistic representation of what it means to find your best friend all over again.

What’s your favorite movie about friendships? I will always love The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, no matter my age. Let me know in the comments which movies on this list you absolutely adore!

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