7 Amazing Films Featuring Drew Barrymore That You're Gonna Love ...

You can always count me in for watching films featuring Drew Barrymore. She’s an incredibly talented actress and her films are always worth watching in my mind. I mean, what’s not to love with her great performances, beautiful appearance and friendly demeanor? Check out these films featuring Drew Barrymore if you haven’t already. I promise, you’re gonna love them!

1. Riding in Cars with Boys

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Personally, I adore this movie. The story follows Beverly, a pregnant teen played by Drew Barrymore. The film consists of flashbacks to raising her son and how her life unfolded, and her modern day search for her ex-husband in order to publish her memoir. The film has various well-known actors, such as Steve Zahn and Brittany Murphy. I love this film featuring Drew Barrymore because you see her in such a versatile role as she develops because of her experiences.

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