7 Gerard Depardieu Movies to Make You Go Oh La La ...


As he’s probably the most famous non-English native speaking actor of our generation, Gerard Depardieu movies are very well known. He’s definitely more famous for his Hollywood movies than his French movies in the USA and the UK, but I happen to also love some of his French work. And there’s plenty to choose from too. IMDB lists him with 205 acting credits (although that includes TV movies, series and voiceovers too). Here are the Gerard Depardieu movies I recommend to everybody.

1. Jean De Florette

I have to kick off with my favorite of all the Gerard Depardieu movies. This may date back to 1986, but that means it qualifies easily as a classic, and it deserves that epithet too. It is considered a tour de force of French cinema. For one, you will never forget the theme music and don’t let the need for subtitles put you off. It is a very well crafted story beautifully shot in lovely French countryside, and alongside Depardieu, you have one of the greatest French actors ever, Yves Montand. Be carried along on an emotional wave in a story of greed and its devastating effects. (There’s also a sequel – Manon des Sources but GD isn’t in it)

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