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It's safe to say that Steve Carell's funniest roles are the reasons I watch TV/movies. He's such an incredible actor and personally one of my favorite human beings, ever. I just think he brings so much love and light to the movie industry. He seems like such a genuine and nice guy. Okay, well now that my rant about my love for him is over, let's get to business. Check out some of my personal favorites (top picks) for Steve Carell's funniest roles.

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Michael Scott (the Office)

This had to top my list of Steve Carell's funniest roles. I mean, who's funnier than Michael Scott?! The Office was such an incredible show. I bawled like a baby when it came to an end. I seriously considered finding a support group or something for the Office withdrawals. Whenever I feel down, I can always count on this video for some laughs. And by "some laughs," I mean tears streaming down my face from laughing so hard. That's the best kind, right?


Phil Foster (Date Night)

This might be one of my favorite movies with Steve. I was laughing from start to finish. And the bloopers?! I can't watch the bloopers reel without crying from laughing so much. Steve Carell and Tina Fey are gold together. I mean it, gold.


Barry (Dinner for Schmucks)

The cast in this movie is fantastic. Steve Carell, Paul Rudd and Zach Galifianakis all in one movie? How could one go wrong with that? This movie will definitely crack you up. Steve Carell's role is everything. I don't want to give much away in case you haven't seen it yet (I mean, hello, go see it!). All that needs to be said is Steve does not disappoint.


Brick Tamland (Anchorman)

Every time I watch this video, I nearly pee my pants. Too much? It's true! I dare you to watch this video and not crack up. Steve's performance in the movie (and sequel) is incredible. However, my favorite is his audition for the movie. It's like he was already acting in the movie. He got so into it, and that's how all actors should be. I'm telling you, Steve Carell's a comedy genus!


Gru (Despicable Me)

What's not to love about this movie? Steve said it best when he said the moral of the movie is that "Everyone needs ten thousand minions." I couldn't agree with you more, Steve! This movie is hilarious and so is the sequel. That won't be the end of Gru though. Steve will be voicing Grui in the 2015 release of "The Minions."


Maxwell Smart (Get Smart)

There are so many scenes in this movie that are just downright hilarious. This scene is one of them! I loved seeing Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway on screen together. They had such great chemistry! I hope they get together again soon for another movie.


Andy (the 40 Year Old Virgin)

This is probably the movie that made us all fall in love with Steve. He showed that he was an incredible comedic actor. This scene in particular is one that I'll never forget. When he screams out Kelly Clarkson's name?! Priceless.


Evan Baxter (Evan ALmighty)

This movie is hilarious! This clip with Wanda Sykes is everything. Supposedly, Steve isn't a big fan of this movie but I sure am. I think it's great!


Burt Wonderstone (the Incredible Burt Wonderstone)

Steve Carell as a magician? Yup, I'd watch that! There's so many funny moments in this movie! It's hard to pick a favorite scene. Watching this clip just made me want to go watch the movie again!

There you have it! Literally everything Steve Carell does is hilarious. There 9 are my personal faves of him. What are yours?

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I totally agree with you. Steve Carrell can be very funny but I also enjoy his more serious roles like the ones in Miss Little Sunshine and Dan in real life.

Love him in little miss sunshine and crazy stupid love

Watching the office right now

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