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Katharine Hepburn films have made their mark on cinema history over the years. Hepburn tops the list of the American film actresses of all time, and it’s no surprise why. She’s incredibly talented! These are some Katharine Hepburn films that you must see.

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“Bringing up Baby”

Cary Grant stars alongside Katharine Hepburn in the film “Bringing Up Baby.” This movie starts the list of Katharine Hepburn films because it is one of her most well-known parts. The most memorable part of this movie for the animal-lover in me is Hepburn’s pet leopard named ‘Baby.’ But the plot of this screwball comedy is a close second as Grant attempts to secure a large donation to his museum. As soon as Hepburn enters with her free-spirited nature, Grant gets pulled to the country to help care for Baby. See what adventures await.


“Adam’s Rib”

My favorite Katherine Hepburn film has to be “Adam’s Rib.” In this film, Hepburn counters husband Spencer Tracy in court as the lawyers of a very publicized crime. The case: A woman shot her husband for having an affair. The question: Should she face the same punishment as a man? This movie talks about double standards and uses wit to keep the audience entertained. It’s a classic!


“the African Queen”

Katharine Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart teamed up in “The African Queen” and had a huge impact on the American public. The film is set during World War I and is full of adventure! The Library of Congress called this movie “culturally, historically, and aesthetically significant.” Follow a missionary through Africa as she deals with a rough and tough-to-manage boat captain, played by Bogart, on his ship ‘African Queen.’ With the Germans on the waters, things begin to get difficult as they need to get the ‘African Queen’ to safety. This movie’s a thrill you won’t want to miss!


“Woman of the Year”

Again, Spencer Tracy teams up with Katharine Hepburn in the film “Woman Of The Year.” There is a conversation that I think sums up the story. While at a baseball game for the first time, Hepburn says, “Are all these people unemployed?” Tracy replies, “No, they’re all attending their grandmother’s funeral.” I find that line both hilarious and true of the American public’s fascination with baseball. As a diplomat’s daughter, Hepburn may know the languages and cultures of the world; however, her connection to the American culture needs a little sprucing up. Enter love-interest Tracy who tries to show Hepburn his world as she does him the same favor in return..


“the Philadelphia Story”

In this romantic comedy, Grant enters similarly to his role in “His Girl Friday” just before his ex-wife’s remarriage. This time, he’s accompanied by a reporter played by James Stewart. Stewart’s goal is to write the wedding story and Grant’s goal is to break up the engagement. As the inevitable events occur, Hepburn begins to learn more about herself and question her impending marriage plans. This film was nominated for six Academy Awards and won two of them.


“on Golden Pond”

On lake ‘Golden Pond,’ Ethel and Norman Thayer, an aging couple just looking to enjoy their time, get a wake-up call when their daughter shows up to introduce her fiancé and ask an unexpected favor. She wonders if her fiancé's son can stay with them a while. Katharine Hepburn plays Ethel in this down-by-the-lake classic. The Thayers take a bizarre and somewhat awkward situation and make the most of it.


“Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner”

A controversial topic for a growing age. In this film, parents Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy are excited to have their daughter bring a boyfriend home, but are quickly unnerved when they learn he is black. Hepburn won an academy award for her performance. This was the last film that Hepburn and Tracy did together. It’s still a classic to this day.

Katharine Hepburn had her movie successes and flops but through it all, she came out as the woman of the year, the top actress in American film history. Hepburn was a remarkable actress and her films clearly show that. What are some other good Katharine Hepburn films to check out? Which of these films did you like?

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David! It's a leopard!

Holiday is one of my all time favorites!!!

On Golden Pond! Amazing movie!

My personal favorite is "A Philadelphia Story" :) great memories!

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