Top 10 Movies for Romantics This Christmas ...


Top 10 Movies for Romantics This Christmas ...
Top 10 Movies for Romantics This Christmas ...

Christmas is a time for relaxation and celebration and restoration, and something that lots of us love to do over the holiday period when we finally have time off, is settle down on the couch to watch a great movie or two. If you happen to be paired up with a partner who loves films just as much as you do, then busting out a few of the very best is too much of a good time to turn down! Here are ten of the best movies for romantics this Christmas.

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You’ve Got Mail

Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan have made some real classics together, but I think You’ve Got Mail is my personal favourite! It’s a great love story full of humour and mistaken identity and all of the fun stuff that warms your heart and makes you laugh at the same time. They have great chemistry together.


It’s a Wonderful Life

Arguably the greatest Christmas movie of all time, and even one of the greatest movies of all time! A man contemplating suicide on Christmas Eve is given a new lease of life when he is visited by his guardian angel. It’s a really poignant movie that stands the test of time.



Cher won an Oscar for her performance in Moonstruck, which automatically makes it one you have to see! She and Nicholas Cage are great together in this rom com about an older woman and a younger guy. You’ll be quoting lines from it for months afterwards!


Sleepless in Seattle

Oh look, it’s Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan again! Sleepless In Seattle is one of the all time great romantic comedies about a widowed husband who finds love again, but over the phone! Watching this one will give you all the feels, and make you want to see a new Hanks/Ryan creation!



This is perfect for a hopeless romantic. John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale meet on a chance encounter whilst shopping to their significant others, and the sparks begin to fly the instant they set eyes on one another!


White Christmas

I don’t think you need any encouragement to bust this one out over the holidays, but it certainly deserves a place on the list! White Christmas is a true seasonal classic that warms your heart and gives you all of the traditional festive feels.


While You Were Sleeping

Sandra Bullock stars in this interesting movie about a woman who falls in love with a guy she doesn’t know, and then pretends to be his partner when he slips into a coma! It might sound more like a thriller than something for romantics, but you won’t be able to deny its charm when you see it!


Bridget Jones’s Diary

Let’s face it, there is a little bit of Bridget in all of us! This classic British comedy is the perfect kind of relatable, heart warming, funny tale that people love to enjoy at Christmas. It really ticks all the boxes.


The Holiday

When Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet decide to swap locations for a much needed escape on both sides, they find much more then they bargained for. Their adventures make up the plot of this much loved romantic comedy, a definite modern classic of the genre!


Love Actually

Do I even need to talk about Love Actually to persuade you to watch it? Let’s be real, you’ve probably watched it three or four times already this holiday season! It’s a magical movie about the love stories of a big ensemble cast. We’ve all got our favourite couples, which one is yours?

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