7 Funny and Unique Quotes from Friends to Remember ...

My all-time favorite TV show is FRIENDS and sometimes I will have conversations with my husband that consist of quotes from FRIENDS! Dorky, I know. It's such a great show about life and the relationships in it! It's full of humor and silliness that's undeniable. It's one of those shows you can watch over and over again and not ever get bored! So here are some classic quotes from FRIENDS that I think you will love (if you don't already!).

1. "the Cushions Are the Essence of the Chair!" "That's RIght, I'm Taking the Essence!" - Chandler and Joey

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This quote is from the episode The One Where No One Is Ready in season 3. Joey and Chandler are fighting over a chair because Chandler sat in it first and when he got up, Joey took it. Joey ends up wearing all of Chandler's clothes as a form of revenge! It's ridiculous and childish, which makes it hysterical and one of the best quotes from FRIENDS!

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