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All the Proof You Need to Prove Wednesday Addams is All of Us ...

By Lyndsie

Wednesday Addams is kind of my spirit animal. She's such a smart, sarcastic, adorable little psychopath. She's fearless, brave, innovative, and so sharp. So, she likes playing with electric chairs, knives, and guillotines – who are we to judge? I think there's a little bit of Wednesday in all of us – and if there's not, well, maybe it's time to get some.

Table of contents:

  1. She's got no time for stupidity
  2. She questions everything
  3. She doesn't put up with phonies
  4. She knows the key to a classic wardrobe
  5. Her relationship advice is on point
  6. She negotiates like a boss
  7. Her clap backs are flawless
  8. She understands the lure of schadenfreude
  9. She's a rebel, just like you
  10. When she gets mad, she gets even
  11. She knows the importance of family
  12. She knows how fierce she is
  13. Sometimes she dgaf
  14. She selflessly helps other people
  15. She takes joy in the little things
  16. She has the best rbf
  17. She knows the value of dancing it out

1 She's Got No Time for Stupidity

She will cut you down with a look if you waste her time. Wednesday Addams is the queen of side-eye.

2 She Questions Everything

If you don't ask questions, you'll never receive answers.

3 She Doesn't Put up with Phonies

Forget about Holden Caulfield, man. Wednesday knows who the real fakes are.

4 She Knows the Key to a Classic Wardrobe

Wearing all black simplifies everything.

5 Her Relationship Advice is on Point

This makes me laugh so hard.

6 She Negotiates like a Boss

Go big or go home, yo.

7 Her Clap Backs Are Flawless

Oh, that dry wit. She will cut a bitch with her tongue.

8 She Understands the Lure of Schadenfreude

I mean, sometimes you just have to smile at the misfortunes of other people.

9 She's a Rebel, Just like You

Wednesday doesn't need any stinking rules

10 When She Gets Mad, She Gets Even

Getting even is so much more productive.

11 She Knows the Importance of Family

She also knows the value of unconditional love. She knows how important it is to love someone for who they are on the inside, too.

12 She Knows How Fierce She is

Never be afraid to prove your power.

13 Sometimes She DGAF

Sometimes you don't, either.

14 She Selflessly Helps Other People

They might not want her help, true, but she offers it nonetheless.

15 She Takes Joy in the Little Things

So much joy.

16 She Has the Best RBF

Look at that. She is flawless.

17 She Knows the Value of Dancing It out

Because sometimes, you just have to dance. Even if you're Wednesday Addams.

Can I get a cheer for Wednesday?

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