10 Fierce 😈Female Movie Characters Who Don't Need to Be Rescued 👸 ...

The damsel in distress trope is tired, uninteresting, and detrimental. Do you need to be rescued? I don't need to be rescued. It's one thing to rely on someone, such as your partner or romantic interest, but this idea that women always need someone to save them is just … ridiculous. We're finally starting to see some evidence of that on the big screen, at least – there are more and more fierce female characters who neither want nor need to be rescued. Funny thing, though – I realized belated that all my favorite characters actually came from books. That's curious.

1. Hermione Granger

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Hermione Granger does not need your magic. This girl does not need Harry, she does not need Ron, and she probably doesn't even need Dumbledore – I mean, if we're being honest. She's fully capable of taking care of herself, even if it means punching a Malfoy in the face. The best part is that even as she's busy kicking ass and taking names, she's always willing to stand up for and take care of her friends, too. Plus, you know, there's also the fact that she's wicked smart, loyal, and brave.

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