7 of the Best Trashy Yet Entertaining TV Shows to Watch ...


7 of the Best Trashy Yet Entertaining TV Shows to Watch ...
7 of the Best Trashy Yet Entertaining TV Shows to Watch ...

Even though we might not tell anyone, I'm sure we all have our favourite trashy TV shows that we watch (and quite enjoy) as a guilty pleasure! What's your favourite trashy yet entertaining TV show to watch and do you watch any of these?

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Keeping up with the Kardashians

Kim Kardashian and her dramatic family are the subjects of this reality series that follows their chaotic domestic life together. Although the family members frequently are involved in some kind of conflict with each other, they always support one another in the end, regardless of how many controversies the family experiences as their fame grows.


The Bachelor

Every new series has a new bachelor who must choose between 20-something beautiful women to find his soulmate. He eliminates one or so each week and come the finale episode, he usually has to propose to the woman who steals his heart. There's usually an extra entertaining episode after the final where all the eliminated women come back and confront the bachelor who sent them packing.


The Bachelorette

The female version of the Bachelor in which a woman must send home one or more men each week until she is left with two. Come the finale, the last two men standing must each buy an engagement ring for her and she will accept one of the proposals. The same after the final episode also applies where all the previous men come back and get the chance to confront her.


American Idol

A panel of relatively famous judges listen to contestants sing each week and critique them on their performance. One by one, contestants are eliminated from the competition until there is one winner - who picks up a huge grand prize at the end. Also included are performances by famous guest bands and singers.


Jersey Shore

It's a lot of hair gel, suntan lotion and skimpy clothing for the young adults featured in this reality series. Watch friendships thrive and flames spark as they all live together under one roof and be the first to catch all the drama and conflict that arises.



Catfish follows the journey of couples who have formed an online relationship but have never met in person. Nev and Max travel around America to tell the stories of these hopeful romantic partners, and each episode is filled with mystery, surprises, and sometimes even shocking revelations as one partner discovers the truth about his or her significant other. What will happen when they meet in real life for the first time?


America's Next Top Model

Tyra Banks is the host of this TV show which will see one ultimate winner take home a grand prize of a modelling contract as well as plenty of cash and a fashion feature in a highly successful magazine. All the contestants live under the same roof for the series and must compete against each other in challenges to get high scores from the judging panel each week.

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@Nisa you are right but it has that thing about it that even i get caught up in it once in awhile but yes it is trash! A guilty pleasure trash!

Only watch them if you want your IQ to drop. There are some good things out there but don't waste your time on trash. Life is too short!

RuPaul's Drag Race😂😂😂

From where can i download all these tv series??

Antm is amazing and totally a guilty pleasure 😂

KUWTK is pure trash!!! It has to be cancelled

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