7 of the Saddest Grey's Anatomy Episodes That Made Me Cry ...

Honestly, just making this list of the saddest Grey's Anatomy episodes already made me cry. I just can't control myself with this show! It's been ten seasons so far and I've gotten so invested in all of the characters. It's really at the point where whatever they're feeling, I'm feeling. Even though the saddest Grey's Anatomy episodes leave me in a puddle of tears, I can't help but want more. If you aren't entirely caught up with the show, stop reading! This will definitely contain spoilers.

1. "Losing My Religion"

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Denny Duquette tops my list of fictional deaths I will never get over. This episode had me bawling. My heart hurt so bad when Denny died after proposing to Izzy. He was such a lovable character, and he was so handsome! I rooted for the two of them to as a couple. You can only imagine my heartache. P.S Kudos to you, Katherine Heigl on the amazing performance. The list of saddest Grey's Anatomy episodes is going to get just more heartbreaking.

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