7 of the Saddest Grey's Anatomy Episodes That Made Me Cry ...

By Vanessa

7 of the Saddest Grey's Anatomy Episodes That Made Me Cry ...

Honestly, just making this list of the saddest Grey's Anatomy episodes already made me cry. I just can't control myself with this show! It's been ten seasons so far and I've gotten so invested in all of the characters. It's really at the point where whatever they're feeling, I'm feeling. Even though the saddest Grey's Anatomy episodes leave me in a puddle of tears, I can't help but want more. If you aren't entirely caught up with the show, stop reading! This will definitely contain spoilers.

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1 "Losing My Religion"

Denny Duquette tops my list of fictional deaths I will never get over. This episode had me bawling. My heart hurt so bad when Denny died after proposing to Izzy. He was such a lovable character, and he was so handsome! I rooted for the two of them to as a couple. You can only imagine my heartache. P.S Kudos to you, Katherine Heigl on the amazing performance. The list of saddest Grey's Anatomy episodes is going to get just more heartbreaking.

2 "Drowning on Dry Land"

This was such a nerve wracking episode to watch. I mean, I knew Meredith wouldn't actually die. After all, the show is pretty much based around her. But, nonetheless, it was still a very sad moment when Meredith flatlined. I felt the pain everyone was feeling and I felt the relief they all had when her heart started beating again.

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3 "Good Mourning"

O'Malley. Where do I even begin? George was so easy to love. He'd gone through so much in the show and you just couldn't help but root for him. I think the show did a great job on his portrayal. Even though I wish George would've lived and continued to work with them all, I'm glad he died by doing something noble. It's very much "George O'Malley."

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4 "Sanctuary"

This episode had me biting my nails the entire time. From start to finish, my heart was racing. Not only did Derek Shepherd get shot in this episode, but so did Alex. I don't know what I'd have done if either of them had died in this episode! Thankfully, they're both still with us.

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5 "Suddenly"

Teddy took a long time to open up and love Henry, but when she did, they were perfect together. Everything about this clip makes me emotional. The song in the background, Teddy asking Christina what happened, etc. I think the acting was really fantastic in this episode.

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6 "Flight"

Cue the tears. Lexie and Sloan were my favorite couple on Grey's (aside from Meredith and Derek). When Lexie died, I was so crushed. This episode served as the season 8 finale, and like every other finale, it made me cry like a baby. Sloan was so in love with her and his final declaration of love was so touching.

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7 "Going, Going, Gone"

What a way to start off season 9, right? More heartache! In this episode, Mark Sloan died. What made this episode so sad was that Mark awoke from his coma, was doing fantastic, and then crashed and died. As heartbreaking as it was, I was sort of relieved that Mark would be joining his love, Lexie, even though it meant leaving everyone else behind.

There you have it! Turns out the saddest episodes (for me) all involved a character's death/injury. Which episode will you never get over?

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I suppose now the worst episode is when derek dies...

I lied they're all pretty equally terrible

ooh and April should totally go for Jackson! they are just so perfect together!! she loves hi as much as he loves her & well she did loose her v card to him apart from the fact that he is a hottie❤️

Thanks sooo much for putting this up!!! I'm a huge huge fan, love it, me and my sister watch it all the time together!!! ❤️❤️❤️

i love it and i love all the episodes & the ones named did make me cry i dont want this to be the last season! once it finishes my heart will break </3 i feel soo attached to the show and all the characters!!

I have been watching Greys since the beginning and I love it!! I love that I'm so in love with every character and story line,even though he won't admit it my man has gotten into it,every Thursday that's what we watch!! Great post about the show every one of these episodes made me cry!!!

Saddest for me was 9x02 all about Sloan dying :-(

I stopped watching when Denny died because that was the worst.

Dr thomas season 9 ❤️

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