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It’s inevitable that you will come across heartbreaking TV relationships because they’re everywhere. These heartbreaks could come in many forms, whether it be death, a bad break up, the fact that they never actually get together, or a combination of multiple things. No matter what the reasoning is, chances are there is a couple that will break your heart. So let’s take a look at seven heartbreaking TV relationships.

1. Nate and Lisa

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Nate and Lisa from “Six Feet Under” are one of my heartbreaking TV relationships for one specific reason. I have a weird attachment to Peter Krause and seeing him sad broke my heart. Nate and Lisa weren’t exactly my favorite couple in the entire world, but watching him cope with her death was really sad. Even sadder, they had just had a baby when she went missing. While her death may seem heartbreaking, it was sadder to watch him deal with it and how it changed his life.

2. Hannah and Ben

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Hannah and Ben from “Secret Diary of a Call Girl” also aren’t too heartbreaking unless you get emotionally attached to characters like I do. Hannah and Ben used to date and then after they broke up, they remained best friends. On top of their already complicated relationship, Ben was the only person who knew that Hannah was secretly a high end escort. Ben is obviously in love with Hannah throughout the entire series and you hope that they will end up together, but sadly the audience isn’t given the ending they hoped for.

3. Carrie and Aidan

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A lot of times I end up feeling bad for the women in heartbreaking TV relationships, but in this one I just felt bad for Aidan. It was perfectly clear that Carrie wasn’t as in love with Aidan as she was with Big, but nevertheless it was hard to watch their relationship unravel. The scene where Aidan tells Carrie that he can’t be with her outside of Charlotte’s is absolutely heartbreaking! Carrie has to pull herself together and go back to Charlotte’s wedding as if nothing has happened. Somehow that isn’t the saddest part; it’s knowing how much Aidan loved her and how much that must have hurt.

4. Mya and Emily

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I never really liked Mya from “Pretty Little Liars” and I could never put my finger on why, so I didn’t expect to be so sad at the end of their relationship. Maybe I would have been able to deal with it better if they had just broken up, but instead Mya was murdered. She had gone missing and when Emily got home, she discovered that Mya’s body had been found. What got me wasn’t the actual death, but the way Emily reacted when she realized what happened. The fact that she could barely stand on her own just broke my heart.

5. Mark and Lexie

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Mark and Lexie were never my favorite couple on “Grey’s Anatomy” (don’t kill me!), but even I found their relationship to be tragic. I stopped watching the show before their relationship had its final close, but I’m fully aware of how it ended. Mark and Lexie never really gave their relationship a full chance because every time they got close, Lexie would leave saying that she wasn’t ready for some of the situations in his life. It would have been sad if they never got to be together, but instead the writers decided to kill both characters off without them ever giving their relationship one last shot. Thanks for the tragic ending, guys.

6. Rose and the Doctor

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We all know that I love “Doctor Who,” but even people that I just explain this relationship to understand just how sad it really is. Rose and The Doctor travel around the universe together for two seasons. While their relationship is never exposed as romantic, the audience can see that they’re in love. In her final episode she tells The Doctor how she feels and then she loses him forever. Although we find out that she gets her own happy ending, The Doctor doesn’t receive the same fate. Their final scenes together are absolutely devastating to watch.

7. Buffy and Angel

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Almost everyone on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Angel” is at one time or another involved in a heartbreaking relationship, so it was very hard to pick just one. Choosing Buffy and Angel made the most sense because they weren’t divided by death or because someone fell out of love, they were forced to live their lives knowing that they would never be together. They go through so many tests of their relationship, including Buffy killing him, Angel being evil, and the ability to be together for 24 hours and Angel being the only one to remember that short lived relationship. I don't know if I could live knowing that the person I love most in the world loves me too, but I couldn’t be with him.

It’s so strange how there are couples on this list that I don’t even like, but yet somehow they break my heart. Kudos to the writers for making me feel bad for characters I don’t even like. I’d like it if people in relationships would stop being killed off though! Do you disagree with any people on this list? Who would you have put?

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