7 Actors Who Regret Their Roles ...


7 Actors Who Regret Their Roles ...
7 Actors Who Regret Their Roles ...

It's no secret that everyone has regrets, so is it any surprise that there are actors who regret their roles? Probably not. What's more surprising is to see who is actually willing to come out and say what they regret or even make jokes about movies they've been in. Let's take a look at some of the talented actors who regret their roles.

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James Franco

James Franco has done a lot of movies that people would probably assume make him one of the actors who regret their roles, but the one that he has stated as being just awful is "You Highness." He has come out to say that he wishes his name wasn't associated with the movie and that it just downright "sucks." The harsh words coming from the actor hopefully didn't offend everyone else that was part of the movie.


Bill Murray

Bill Murray hasn't come out and said he completely regrets doing "Garfield," but in his short cameo in "Zombieland" he does make a joke about it being the one role he regrets. What Murray has said on the subject is that the only reason he even agreed to do the role was because Joel Cohen, writer of Toy Story, wrote the script. Maybe that doesn't count as full blown regret, but I think it's bubbling on the surface.


Katherine Heigl

While Katherine Heigl said for the most part she enjoyed making "Knocked Up," she didn't love the movie itself! She felt that the way the movie presented women was wrong because they were presented as shrewish and uptight, while the men in the movie were shown to be happy and easy going guys. She's come out to say that it was hard for her to play such an exaggerated character and questioned why she had to portray such a "killjoy" on a regular basis.


Halle Berry

In an acceptance speech for the Razzie award she won for Worst Actress, Halle Berry thanked Warner Brothers for putting her in such a "god-awful movie." Ouch! Of course there are people who would agree that Catwoman wasn't a great film, but to hear the actress herself say it was something else! In the same speech she mentioned that Catwoman was just what she needed to plummet to the bottom of her career, I guess it's no secret how she feels about this movie.


Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg is really not happy about his movie "The Happening." In an interview he said that he told Amy Adams, who was up for a role in the movie, that she dodged a bullet. His reasoning behind taking the part was that he got to play a science teacher rather than a cop or a crook like the parts he usually gets chosen for. Who can blame him? The audience wasn't really happy with the way this movie turned out either.


Mickey Rourke

Mickey Rourke has not tried to hide his feelings about Passion Play! He has been quoted as saying that it was a "terrible terrible movie," but he's a good sport about it. While others may sulk on the fact that they didn't make a masterpiece, Mickey Rourke realizes that if you have a long career you're going to make a lot of movies, some of them might be bad, but that's OK.


Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner has never come out to say that she hates any of her movies, but the rumor is that she wasn't to happy about doing "Elektra." Her ex-boyfriend Michael Vartan, co-star of Alias, revealed her dislike of the movie in an interview with U.S Weekly. Michael said that Jennifer told him "Elektra" was a bad movie and that she only did it because it was part of her "Daredevil" contract.

Who knew there were so many? Of course there are probably loads more that didn't make the list and there are probably even more actors who are just afraid to admit their regrets. Which role surprised you? Do you know of any that were missed?

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Your highness was one of the worst movies I've ever seen it wasn't funny at all

Apparently Leonardo dicaprio is embarrassed by titanic

Yea I thought pattinson was going to be here. He really does regret Twilight


I'm probably the only one the the world who like The Happening. :S

Robert parison and twilight lol

When I started reading this post, I honestly thought I was going to come across Robert Pattinson's name. No one regrets Twilight more than him.

Omg The Happening was horrible....I love Mark as an actor, but I literally couldn't make it through more than 20 minutes of this movie

Tom Cruise and his movie Legend. He sometimes denies he was in it. I love love love the movie but mostly because of Tim Curry.

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