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Lately, I've been thinking about all of the actors who are yet to win an Oscar. It's quite shocking to me that many of the guys who've played both supporting and leading roles in some of my favorite movies have been overlooked. Some of these talented men have even been making moves for more than 30 years. Here's a list of 7 of my favorite actors who are yet to win an Oscar. See if any of your favorites made the list.

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Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt Among the many great actors who are yet to win an Oscar is Brad Pitt. This talented actor and producer has starred in many hit films. In them he's introduced us to memorable characters like Tyler in Fight Club and Gerry in World War Z. He has been nominated for 4 Academy Awards over the years for his work. While he has never won an Oscar, he has won 2 Golden Globe Awards and a Screen Actors Guild Award.


Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio Leonardo DiCaprio became an international superstar when he played Jack in the blockbuster film Titanic. Since then he has stared in films like Gangs of New York and more recently The Wolf of Wall Street. He has received Oscar nominations for his work in What's Eating Gilbert Grape and The Aviator. Though he didn't take home the prize for those films, many hold out hope for him every year.


Will Smith

Will Smith Most of us were introduced to Will Smith when he starred on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Even though the show made him a household name, he proved that he had superstar power when he appeared on the movie screen. He has made us laugh in romantic comedies like Hitch and took on the aliens in film like Independence Day and Men in Black. In my opinion, he was able to prove that he was an extremely talented actor when he starred in movies like The Pursuit of Happyness and Ali. Even though he has been nominated twice, he still hasn't won an Oscar.


Robert Downey Jr

Robert Downey Jr Robert Downey Jr. appeared in his first film when he was only 5 years old. Since then he has starred in numerous movies and had a recurring role on the hit television show Ally McBeal. Robert Downey Jr. is one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood. From the middle of 2012 until the middle of 2013 he earned $75 million dollars. He has been nominated for 2 Oscars during his career. The first nomination was for his performance in Chaplin and then for Tropic Thunder.


Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp Many actors only dream of having a career like Johnny Depp. He has starred in great movies like Edward Scissorhands and Pirates of the Caribbean. He has been nominated for over 52 different awards and won 36 of them. Depp also received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1999. In 2004 he decided to open his own production company, which has produced films like the hit movie Hugo.


Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise Tom Cruise made his acting debut in 1981 in the movie Endless Love. Since then he has starred in over 30 different movies, many of which were box office hits. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol grossed an impressive $694 million dollars. He has been nominated for 3 Academy Awards for his performances in Born on the Fourth of July, Jerry Maguire, and Magnolia. Even though he hasn't won an Oscar, he has won 3 Golden Globe Awards, 2 Blockbuster Awards, and multiple others over his 30 year career


Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson Samuel L. Jackson made his acting debut in 1972. Since then he has starred in many films, including Shaft and Django Unchained. During his 40 year career, he has won 10 different awards. In 1992 he was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in Pulp Fiction. Even though he didn't win the Oscar for this role, he did receive a British Academy Film Award for his work in that movie.

Winning an Oscar is an achievement that many actors dream of. Sadly, many great ones are never recognized for their work by the Academy Awards. Do you have a favorite actor who has never won an Oscar?

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And also, the term actor is unisex. A lot of "actresses" call themselves actors.

Oh my god.. It's so surprising All these actors are amongst the finest actors in industry

I couldn't believe Leonardo never won. he's done so many different roles and was so convincing and amazing in all of them

Shame Bruce Dern was overlooked for 'Nebraska' Leo and Robert D jr will have their day yet. Not a fan of Tom cruise but he deserved an oscar for born on the 4th of July........ Maybe too late for him now. Heath ledger too was excellent..... Brokeback mountain in particular. Did Javier Bardem every win? Certainly v talented actor, brilliant in 'No country for old Men'.

This list is shocking! 😮

Doesn't matter if it was for acting, producing or whatever an Oscar is an Oscar and brad Pitt won one this year!! So you should take him off

Brad Pitt won an oscar this year, not for acting but for producing. That still counts as winning an oscar though, he has more talents that just acting.

Poor Leo

Oscars have a f*** all system of giving awards! these guys deserve it more

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