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7 Actors Who Are Overrated ...

By Talynn

Some actors aren’t worth the hype. They play the same role in every movie they are ever in and somehow they are always hailed for it. This list is going to call those guys out. Hear that actors? You guys are mediocre so step it up!!!

7 Ben Stiller

This guy has been funny. He totally could be the funny guy and every movie I have ever seen him in could stand a few funnier laughs. The cast surrounding him in There’s Something About Mary made that movie great. The same can be said for Zoolander, but in every other role he has ever taken he has failed to be at the top of the funny list. Sorry Ben Stiller fans. He's got the funny bone, he should just make better use of it.

6 Tom Cruise

Vintage Tom Cruise was unbeatable, but today he has become a pale shadow of his former greatness. The roles and the way he plays it for the last several years have been relatively cookie cutter and safe. There was hope that his role as Lex Grossman in Tropic Thunder could correct his slump, but unfortunately for Tom, it hasn’t.

5 Matthew Mcconaughey

Just because you look good with your shirt off doesn’t mean you’re a good actor. This guy’s movies are bland rom coms that are little more than a showcase for his abs. Some romantic comedies are fabulous, but yours Matthew, are not.

4 The Rock

I liked the Rock a lot as a wrestler, but as a movie star it hasn’t really worked out as well. He’s a much less charismatic action hero that many from the past, and his choice of movies it also pretty bad lately. He needs to stop playing the tough guy with the heart of gold and start moving on to something a little less expected.

3 Keanu Reeves

Keanu made some good movies during the last decade, but he has really fallen of the map. He has never possessed enough ability to act his way out of a paper bag, but at least he used to be in good movies. Maybe the last two Matrix movies were just so unbelievable bad that his career is over. I hate to see him take all the heat like that, but someone needs to pay for those terrible excuses for movies.Time to step it up, Keanu!

2 Sylvester Stallone

Rocky was a sensational hit, which led to Rambo. I always liked him and maybe his rolls fit him perfectly. His new come backs could have been better. But you usually cannot top a previous hit, and when yo try to do it, it had better be good. While good, you just cant get better then the best. It may be time to stop while you are in the lead...

1 Denzel Washington

I’m sure that I’m really going to hear it for this one, but it’s true. Denzel is overrated. He plays exactly the same character in every single movie he has ever been in. He never ever brings anything new to the table. Even on the few roles he’s tried to branch out on he hasn’t knocked it out of the park like a lot of the critics insist. I like the guy; he is a great actor, really. I just think he could move to higher places if he would put a new, different, character to the screen.

I hope your favorite actor isn’t on this list. If he is, don’t take it personal; just never start a conversation with me about how versatile and talented he is. If your favorite guy is on this list, who deserves to replace him?

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