7 Great Pixar Movie Easter Eggs You Probably Haven't Noticed ...

No matter how many times you have watched Pixar movies, you might not have noticed these Pixar movie Easter eggs. An Easter egg is a small detail in a movie that is intentionally placed there to reference something else. Most of them are inconspicuous and hard to notice unless you know what you are looking for. From Monsters, Inc., to Finding Nemo, to Cars, Pixar has not left any single detail to chance when placing these great Pixar movie Easter eggs.

1. WallPaper in Monsters, Inc

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One of my favorite and one of the subtlest Pixar movie Easter eggs is in Monsters, Inc. In the scene where Randall is practicing his scares, he goes through a variety wallpapers to blend into. You probably didn’t pay attention much to what the wallpaper was, but if you had you would have noticed that one of them was blue with white clouds. And if you are a Pixar nerd, you will know that this is the wallpaper from Andy’s room in Toy Story.

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