7 Great Pixar Movie Easter Eggs You Probably Haven't Noticed ...


7 Great Pixar Movie Easter Eggs You Probably Haven't Noticed ...
7 Great Pixar Movie Easter Eggs You Probably Haven't Noticed ...

No matter how many times you have watched Pixar movies, you might not have noticed these Pixar movie Easter eggs. An Easter egg is a small detail in a movie that is intentionally placed there to reference something else. Most of them are inconspicuous and hard to notice unless you know what you are looking for. From Monsters, Inc., to Finding Nemo, to Cars, Pixar has not left any single detail to chance when placing these great Pixar movie Easter eggs.

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WallPaper in Monsters, Inc

WallPaper in Monsters, Inc One of my favorite and one of the subtlest Pixar movie Easter eggs is in Monsters, Inc. In the scene where Randall is practicing his scares, he goes through a variety wallpapers to blend into. You probably didn’t pay attention much to what the wallpaper was, but if you had you would have noticed that one of them was blue with white clouds. And if you are a Pixar nerd, you will know that this is the wallpaper from Andy’s room in Toy Story.


Sid All Grown up

Sid All Grown up We all know (and hate) Sid from Toy Story. He is the evil child who straps Buzz to a rocket and plans on blowing him up. Well, if you were observant in Toy Story 3, you would have been paying attention to the garbage man. He is wearing Sid’s signature skull shirt, and there is no denying that there is a strong resemblance between the two. Clearly Pixar is trying to point out that kids like Sid don’t have a very bright future.


Nemo & Boo

Nemo & Boo You might think that Finding Nemo is the first time we have seen Nemo in our lives, but that would be actually be wrong. He made a quick appearance in Monsters, Inc. Boo offers a Nemo toy to Sulley just before he leaves her room at the end of the movie. Most people wouldn’t even see the significance in that when they first watched Monsters, Inc. because it was a whole 2 years before Finding Nemo even came out. But years later, it is hard to miss such an iconic Pixar character in a different movie.


Wood Carving Sulley

Wood Carving Sulley Like most of the Pixar movie Easter eggs, this one was subtle and placed in the background of a scene. In the witch’s shack in Brave, there are tons of piles of wood thrown in the background. You probably missed it, but there is a carving of Sulley from Monsters, Inc. on one of the wood blocks. While the Easter egg is not super exciting, many people have used this carving to create entire theories about how the Pixar movies are linked into one giant universe.


Drive in Movies

Drive in Movies What better way for Pixar to advertise their movies than within other movies? In Cars, we frequently see a sign for the Radiator Springs drive-in movie theater. The funny thing about it is that the names of all of the movies are plays off of former Pixar movies. One of them is “Toy Car Story,” which is obviously Toy Story. My personal favorite is “The Incredimobiles.”

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Luxo Ball

Luxo Ball Pixar does more than just make movies; they always create tons of adorable “shorts.” They like to place Easter eggs from their shorts in movies just as much as their more popular movies. One of their first shorts, Luxo Jr., features a yellow ball with a blue stripe and a red star. This same exact ball can be seen in almost every Pixar movie since. Buzz bounces off of it in Toy Story, Boo is playing with it in Monsters, Inc., and a young girl has it in her room in Up.


Pizza Planet Delivery Truck

Pizza Planet Delivery Truck We first saw the Pizza Planet delivery truck in Toy Story as Buzz and Woody use it to get back to Andy, but it has also made appearances in almost every other Pixar movie since. It is in the racetrack crowd in Cars. It is in a pile of scraps in WALL-E. And it can even be seen in A Bug's Life by a trailer. If this isn’t proof that Pixar pays incredible attention to every detail in their movies, I don’t know what is.

Pixar movies have such a special place in my heart, no matter how old I get. I think the incredible details and Easter eggs they put in each movie makes them more exciting. No matter how many times you watch a Pixar movie, there are always more and more details to be found hiding in the scenes. What did you think of these Pixar movie Easter eggs? Are there any other Pixar movie Easter eggs you know of? Do you love Pixar movies or would you prefer to pass on them?

Sources: totalfilm.com

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Love it

The Pixar theory by Jon negroni #Neecey Beresford

I think the pizza planet truck is in Finding Nemo.

I have noticed most of these but a few were new

I was waiting for something like this

Love Pixar!!! Thanks for this article!

What a fun article!

Luxo ball is also in nemo at the dentist reception! Great article tho, will look for all of them now!

They also had the purple bear from toy story 3 in the little girl's bedroom in up :)

Love it

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