9 Amazing Movie Moms Who Will Inspire You to Be a Better Mom ...


9 Amazing Movie Moms Who Will Inspire You to Be a Better Mom ...
9 Amazing Movie Moms Who Will Inspire You to Be a Better Mom ...

Motherhood isn’t easy and some of these amazing movie moms make it look like a piece of cake, while others work as hard as we do. Being perfect doesn’t make you an inspirational character, being a mom like Erin Brockovich or Esme Cullen does. They may not always make the best choices, but they do want the best for their children. So how does my list of amazing movie moms compare to yours?

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The Sound of Music (Maria)

Maria may not be an amazing movie mom at the beginning of “The Sound of Music,” however by the end of the film, everyone wants to have a mom like Maria or the actress, Julie Andrews, who plays her! Maria loves the Von Trapp family so much that she is willing to risk her life and help them run away from the Nazis. She also stands up for the children against their strict father and every child needs someone who has their back. In my book, she is the mother of all movie moms!


Edward Scissorhands (Peg)

Dianne Wiest isn’t always on the top ten lists for actresses we think of as great leading roles, actresses we want to be like or look like, but she does have a great film career that should be remembered. One that I’ll always remember is her role as Peg in “Edward Scissorhands,” where she played the sweet and quirky mom who took in the odd guy with the scissorhands. Can you believe Edward is played by Johnny Depp? I didn’t realize who he was until years later! Peg takes this poor soul in as her own, no questions asked. She finds him alone in an abandoned mansion and doesn’t want him to be alone any longer. Director Tim Burton always knows how to make his audience sympathize with the strangest characters!


Forrest Gump (Mrs. Gump)

“I was destined to be your mama, I did the best I could.” That’s all any mom can do, try her best. Mrs. Gump would do anything for Forrest, even if that means getting in bed with the school principal! She knows that her son may be a little challenged, but she pushes him to be his best and wants him to get a fair chance just like everyone else. Mrs. Gump was also full of good advice, for Forrest and for everyone watching. “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get!”


Little Women (Marmee)

Can you imagine being the mother of four daughters during the Civil War while your husband is off fighting? Together with their mother, the sisters get through the worst of times: war, illnesses, death, and even boys! Though there are dramatic times, they celebrate joyous occasions as well. If you haven’t read the book, be sure to watch the movie with Susan Sarandon as the mother, Trini Alvarado as Meg, Winona Ryder as Jo, Claire Danes as Beth, and little Kristen Dunst as Amy.


Erin Brockovich (Erin)

She may not be the most traditional movie mom to be inspired by, but she’s a hardworking, fights for the little guy, this is who I am take it or leave it type of mom to be inspired by. She’s not perfect, which is why we love her, because neither is motherhood! Julia Roberts does an amazing job as Erin Brockovich with her big hair, big boobs, and big personality. Roberts won an Oscar for her role as Brockovich, portraying the real life, struggling single mom who discovers the dirty little secret a big power company is keeping from the local residents about their drinking water. As a mom, Brockovich inspires us to be ourselves no matter what the neighbors are saying!


Harry Potter (Molly Weasley)

“Not my daughter, you bitch!” You tell Bellatrix, Mrs. Weasley! Since the very first “Harry Potter” film to the end, Mrs. Weasley was always the mom who protected her kids, made sure they knew how to get on the platform, and yelled at them for stealing the family car! She took in Ron’s friends as if they were her own and always made everyone feel right at home. So when she took on Bellatrix, it was as if you were rooting on your own mother. Remember, never mess with a mother’s pups, you will not survive!


The Incredibles (ElastiGirl)

At first glance Helen Parr, aka ElastiGirl, is just a normal mom who wants what’s best for her family. However, her husband Bob, aka Mr. Incredible, misses the Superhero life and goes behind his wife’s back to work for someone he thinks will help him become Mr. Incredible again. After all is said and done, mom takes her superhero kids with her to rescue their dad and save the world as one big, happy superhero family! So, what are we as mothers to take away from ElastiGirl? Yes, she’s a mom who is a superhero, but all she really wants to do is live like a normal family. However, she soon realizes they aren’t a normal family, they have a purpose in life. Find inspiration in ElastiGirl and find your purpose in life as a woman, as a mother, and as a family.


Twilight (Esme Cullen)

You just know she's an amazing movie mom when she takes in her son's "outsider" girlfriend as one of her own. It's not easy dealing with "teen" vampires as children and vampires who want to suck the blood of your son's human girlfriend. In "Twilight," Esme Cullen really shows us what it's like to protect your children no matter the cost. Carlisle and Esme trust that Edward knows what he's doing when he brings Bella into their family and will even stand up for their son against his own siblings.


The Blind Side (Leigh Anne Tuohy)

There are so many things about Sandra Bullock's character, Leigh Anne Tuohy, to be inspired by, especially since "The Blind Side" is based on a true story. Tuohy believes that there are better things for Michael, so she takes him in away from the streets and gives him a better life. Not only does she give him a home, but she constantly pushes him to believe in himself and stands behind him with all her heart. What more could you ask for in a mother, whether she gave birth to you or not?

What amazing movie moms are on your list? Did I miss anyone you really love?

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Caroline from Little House on the Prairie is an awesome mom, too.

Aww, this was such a good article. I wanted it to keep going!

Personally I would have picked Diane weist's role from Footloose! Great mom. Or Lost Boys! She was gonna turn vampire for her kids

She's not a mom but I love the grandma from happy Gilmore

Erin Brockovich is not an inspirational mother. Yes, she fought for the little guy but she also left her kids with a sitter or her boyfriend the majority of the time....

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