Totally Crazy Roommates from Films That Will Make You Appriciate Yours ...

By Neecey

Totally Crazy Roommates from Films That Will Make You Appriciate Yours ...

Sharing a room, an apartment or a house with one or more people can be brilliant fun or hell on earth. The movies have brought us some truly obnoxious, irritating, malicious, deceitful, dysfunctional, psychotic and murderous roommates. Here’s a clutch of female roommates from the movies you really would want to avoid.

1 Brynn – Bridesmaids (2011)

Rebel Wilson’s character is responsible for some of the biggest laughs in the entire film, but let’s face it, she is one of the worst movie roommates! Not only did she have no sympathy for Kristen Wiig’s character when she hit rock bottom, but she also didn’t pay any rent and even read her roomie’s private journal! That is certainly not good roommate behavior.

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2 Nomi Malone – Showgirls (1995)

Elizabeth Berkley’s character in Showgirls may have some talent on the pole, but as a roommate she isn’t top of the list. She clearly put the hard work in at night, but during the day in her trailer, her existence seemed to revolve around lying on the couch, watching the TV and eating potato chips. Sorry Nomi, but I need my roommates to have a bit more about them!

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3 Lara Holleran – the Rules of Attraction (2002)

This was a classic case of opposites not attracting! On one hand there was Lauren (Shannyn Sossamon), an innocent, abstinence preaching virgin, and on the other there was Lara (Jessica Biel), a cocaine taking, free loving party girl who not only slept with the entire football team but also with Lauren’s budding love interest. Not cool, roomie, not cool!

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4 Hedra Carlson – Single White Female (1992)

Played by Jennifer Jason Leigh, the character of Hedra Carlson absolutely embodies the worst roommate experience anybody could ever have. She begins to act like roomie Bridget Fonda, begins to dress like her, assumes her identity and steals her boyfriend. And not content with stopping at that, Hedra’s bad roommate tendencies turn murderous when she begins to go after Fonda’s character and those whom she loves. I definitely would not be renewing the joint lease!

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5 Maggie Feller – in Her Shoes (2005)

Cameron Diaz’s character in In Her Shoes is definitely somebody that you wouldn’t be overjoyed to be living with. She doesn’t pull her weight when it comes to cleaning and other chores, she gets drunk all the time, acts super immature, sleeps with her sister’s boyfriend and even ruins some of her favorite pairs of shoes. Too far, Maggie, this time you’ve gone way too far!

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6 Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962)

In another example of two sisters living together, Bette Davis and Joan Crawford set the benchmark for sibling rivalry. With Blanche confined to a wheelchair (thanks to being run over by her drunken sister), “Baby” Jane is free to indulge in her passionate jealousy and deep-grained embitterment. Dead pet budgie for lunch, anyone?

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7 Violet – Damsels in Distress (2012)

Violet considers herself one of the fortunates of the world. Be careful because if you share a room with her you’ll be recruited to serve at the suicide prevention center, where the cure is tap dancing and show numbers. If you are worthy of Violet’s attention you can be assured of being “rescued” via the most offbeat and quirky advice. And when it comes to your love life ... well, enough said. Violet’s answer to the world’s problems? Scented soap! Oh dear, oh dear, Violet!

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8 Angie Ostrowski – Baby Mama (2008)

Oh, Amy Poehler, how we love thee. But not as Angie. Kate Holbrook (played by Amy’s BFF Tina Fey) makes the mistake of picking the most juvenile and obnoxious woman she could find to be her surrogate. Angie would lose an intelligence battle with a fetus. Not just a roomie to avoid, but a person to avoid. Stat.

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9 Tosh Guaneri – the Roommate (2011)

The title does kind of give it away that this is not a shared living arrangement made in heaven. The ideal roommate is not someone who paints their side of the dorm room black, nor someone who has to make as much noise as possible during sex. But what’s worse? She becomes slash fodder for a serial killer! Very uncool to endanger your roommate’s life in such a cavalier fashion!

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I’m pretty sure none of you have ever had to deal with roommates this bad but do tell us of your roomies from hell.

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Totally Sheldon Cooper. Makes my teeth grind to think of living with him!!!

My daughter had a college room mate who was almost as bad as the one in the Room Mate. Very close. Very scary.

sheldon cooper big bang theory

Why does Carmen Diaz always play the naughty characters?

Bridesmaids is a funny movie I love it

No. 4 with Jamie Lee Curtis was so chilling ! Bad enough if your friend buys even one article the same as you have !

Karena: no she's right. Rebel Wilson plays Kristen's roommate, Melissa McCarthy plays a bridesmaid in Kristen's friend's wedding.



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