5 Amazing Women from Stranger Things to Blow Your Mind ...


5 Amazing Women from Stranger Things to Blow Your Mind ...
5 Amazing Women from Stranger Things to Blow Your Mind ...

Are you looking for amazing women in "Stranger Things"?
SPOILER ALERT! Do not read this unless you’ve watched Stranger Things 2 on Netflix. If you haven’t yet… GO.

There are so many things that make "Stranger Things" a cultural phenomenon. The adorable and talented child actors, the creepy elements, the mystery, the eighties nostalgia… all of it! Something that I really love about Netflix’s hit show is all the amazing kickass women in the show. Here are five amazing women in "Stranger Things" who will blow your mind.

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Eleven Eleven is perfectly summed up by Dustin in season one, “She’s our friend, and she’s crazy!” Eleven is badass, smart, and a fiercely protective friend. She also is a vital element in saving the day repeatedly. On a scale of one to ten, she’s an (wait for it…) eleven. She's also one of the best amazing women in "Stranger Things".



Max Max is one of the new characters introduced in season two, and she is just a breath of fresh air. She’s the only one who can beat the boys at Dig Dug, and adds some much needed sass to the party. She fits right in with the group, and since we’re missing Eleven for much of season two, she fills the precocious, feisty girl-shaped hole in our hearts.



Joyce Joyce Byers is the mother we all wish we could be - fiercely protective of her children. In the first season, she proves that she will stop at nothing to find her son. In season two, she solidifies that and goes to extreme lengths to keep Will safe and keep him from the Shadow Monster’s grip.



darkness, facial hair, Poor Barb. Gone too soon (#RIP #Justice4Barb), but an amazing friend and her legacy lives on through the second season. She is a voice of reason to her friends, and never leaves them alone in times of uncertainty.



Nancy Is it weird to be proud of a character? Because I am proud of Nancy. In season one, she goes from being a girl who hooks up with a guy because he’s popular and cute to a girl who chases monsters with a baseball bat. The definition of fierce.

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