Best Female Cartoon Characters from Nickelodeon We All Love ...


Best Female Cartoon Characters from Nickelodeon We All Love ...
Best Female Cartoon Characters from Nickelodeon We All Love ...

Want to know the best Nickelodeon female cartoon characters? Today’s children resort to iPads and iPhones to watch their favorite cartoons through various apps. Growing up, wanting to watch a cartoon, many of us had only one source, a TV with access to great channels like Nickelodeon, Disney, and Cartoon Network. Because of this, we saw the same characters over and over again and have grown to love them. In this article, I will share the female cartoon characters that I enjoyed or enjoyed hating from some well-known Nickelodeon shows. I will also share my favorites from Disney and Cartoon Network in future posts. So, here are the best Nickelodeon female cartoon characters.

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Cindy Vortex Voiced by Carolyn Lawrence (Jimmy Neutron)

Jimmy Neutron was one my favorite shows and I was amused by the verbal abuse that Cindy would inflict on Jimmy even though she had a crush on him. She's definitely one of the best Nickelodeon female cartoon characters.


Libby Folfax Voiced by Crystal Scales (Jimmy Neutron)

Libby was the perfect best friend for Cindy due to her sass and quick comebacks. Also, her relationship with Sheen was very odd but funny as she obviously was the one “wearing the pants” in that relationship.


Angelica Pickles Voiced by Cheryl Chase (Rugrats)

Angelica was a great character to hate as she tormented the babies but was also a sympathetic character, especially after hearing a strange fan theory that makes her a very disturbed child.


Sandy Cheeks Voiced by Carolyn Lawrence (Spongebob)

With her Texas accent and her karate skills, it is hard not love Sandy Cheeks.


Judy Neutron Voiced by Megan Cavanagh (Jimmy Neutron)

Out of all the mother characters, Judy Neutron sticks out the most with her 50s hairstyle and the absolute patience she has with Jimmy’s crazy inventions and crazy friends.


Miss Fowl Voiced by Andrea Martin (Jimmy Neutron)

The one thing that makes Miss Fowl so great is her voice. Even today she cracks me up with her birdlike manner.


Reggie Rocket Voiced by Shayna Fox (Rocket Power)

Any girl who was a tomboy loved Reggie Rocket as she was what all tomboys wanted to be.


Wanda Voiced by Susanne Blakeslee (Fairly Oddparents)

Fairly Oddparents was another favorite show of mine as a kid. I still remember the theme song. In the show, Wanda was the only voice of reason and the most level-headed character.


Vicky Voiced by Grey DeLisle (Fairly Oddparents)

The ultimate evil babysitter and every child’s worst nightmare. She is one of those characters that we love to hate.

Are there any characters I should have included that you enjoyed watching as a kid? Please mention them in the comments. It is hard to recall everything from childhood. Stay tuned for character lists from Disney and Cartoon Network.

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