7 Badass Films 👊📽 for Girls to Learn Not to GAF ✌️💁 ...

Sometimes we can become so obsessed with looking pretty and fitting in that we forget that the point of life is to be happy. Even though it's hard to change the way that we think, there are a few films that can help you feel more carefree. If you're looking to sit down with some popcorn, here are all the best films that'll inspire you to stop giving a damn:

1. Ferris Bueller's Day off

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This is a classic movie starring Matthew Broderick. If you've never seen it before, now is the time. It's about a high school kid who tricks his parents into believing he's sick so he can skip school for the day. He makes his best friend and girlfriend tag along, and they have the adventure of a lifetime. While you shouldn't play hooky, this film will show you that you should stop taking life so seriously and learn to enjoy the moment while it lasts.

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