9 Incredible Movies about War That Make You Think ...

Movies about war aren’t for everybody, and most people wouldn’t really consider them family night movies. However I like to think that as general critics of the art world, we all stand to learn something new from all movies and works of art. Everyone has a story to tell and something stories that follow actual events can be the most powerful and moving. Here is a detailed list of movies about war that you absolutely must watch when you’re ready to question things, people, and most importantly history itself. In my opinion, it’s important to make sure we stand by our promise when we commit to making sure history does not repeat itself.

1. The Pianist

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This Adrian Brody classic is one of my favorite movies about war. Brody achieved a well-deserved academy award for his performance as a Polish Jewish pianist who fights for survival during the holocaust. Many holocaust movies possess a multitude of unavoidable morbid details which can unfortunately end up clouding the plot and thwart character development. I loved The Pianist because it allowed me to see the characters beyond the terrible atrocities they suffered. The Pianist is a beautifully crafted film, which is overall a testament to survival, friendship, and most important the preservation of music even in our darkest hours as human beings.

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