9 Movie Geeks You Just Have to Love ...

We all have our own definition of the characteristics of movie geeks. To some of us, they are the awkward and inept, but eminently loveable. To others, they are the nerd, maybe genius with a passion for science. I have picked out a range of my favorite movie geeks, all uniquely geeky in their own special way.

1. Steve Rogers in Captain America

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Captain America is about a young boy in the 40s who wants to join the army to fight off Hitler, but he is not allowed as he is too scrawny and unhealthy. It is impossible not to love him as he struggles to compete with the other soldiers, and the movie is full of heartfelt moments such as when he outwits the other soldiers by unhooking the flag pole, or when he throws himself on what he thinks is an active grenade. A true hero is one who is brave and honorable, even when he so weak he cannot save himself, never mind the world--yet this king of movie geeks never stayed down or stopped trying. He is even sweet, polite and honest when he is turned into an ultra-strong super soldier, being prepared to die for his country all the way to the end (watch past the credits for the twist).

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