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7 Incredibly Emotional Scenes from How I Met Your Mother ...

By Holly

Since the show is ending, it’s time to take a look back on the most memorable scenes from How I Met Your Mother. Although it’s considered a comedy, there were plenty of episodes that ended in tears. The characters became like family to us, so their pain was our pain. I can’t name them all, but here are some of the most emotional scenes from How I Met Your Mother:

1 The Basketball Hoop

When Barney was reunited with his father, they had an argument over a basketball hoop. Barney was upset to discover that his dad was a plain, suburban dad, because that’s what he always wanted as a child. This is one of the scenes from How I Met Your Mother that shows Barney’s emotional side, and shows how talented an actor Neil Patrick Harris is. If this scene didn’t get you upset, what did?

2 The Break up

All the way back during the first season of the show, Marshall and Lily broke up. Since they’re such a perfect couple, it’s always difficult to watch them fight. If their relationship can fall apart, how can any other couple survive? Even though we all knew they’d end up together again, it was emotionally difficult to see Marshall on the steps holding her engagement ring.

3 Marshall’s Father’s Death

The entire episode was a giant countdown to disappointment. There were hidden numbers throughout the episode, which audiences thought would lead up to the announcement of Lily’s pregnancy. However, once it hit zero, Lily gave some very different news. When she told her husband of his father’s death, you can see the pain in her eyes.

4 Tick Tick Tick

Barney loved Robin, but she didn’t want to be with him. Then she loved him, and he didn’t want to be with her. The heartbreaking circle continued for a while, but this scene was the toughest to watch. Barney broke off his relationship in order to be with Robin, expecting she would do the same. When he realized she didn’t, the few seconds felt like hours. We all know that feeling, which is what makes it so sad. Even worse, Barney had an entire room full of candles and rose petals to clean up.

5 The Robin

Not all emotional moments have to be upsetting. One of the greatest scenes was when we found out, along with Robin, that Barney was going to propose to her. He created such a devilish scheme that even the audience was left out of the loop. When we found out that they really were endgame, it was impossible not to be excited for them. They both deserve happiness, after all.

6 The Bus

Barney showed how much he cared for Ted when he ran to see him, and got hit by a bus in the process. Although the buddies were fighting, they make up n the hospital. Their friendship is adorable, and definitely jealousy provoking. Plus, this is the episode where we find out that Barney’s in love with Robin.

7 Meeting the Mother

After watching the show for years, I thought it’s about time that Ted gets his happy ending. This season, we’ve seen the mother more than ever before. In a flashforward, we even get to see how he proposes to her! After all of the times he’s been rejected, it’s wonderful to see him finally land the woman of his dreams.

How many of you are sad to see the show end? What are you going to miss most about it all? The slaps, the jokes, or the lovable characters?

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