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7 of the Best Workaholics Moments ...

By Vanessa

One thing Comedy Central has provided us with is some of the best Workaholics moments. This show is downright hilarious. No, really, your stomach will hurt from so much laughing. Adam Devine, Blake Anderson, and Anders Holm are genius together. There are SO many laugh out loud moments in the show, it was pretty hard to narrow it down to just seven of the best Workaholics moments. However, these moments are definitely worthy of a spot on the list.

1 Adam's Dating Logic

Adam's dating logic is one we should all have. I mean, everyone should want to date you. You're great! If they don't, they're wrong and you should hate them. Ha ha, WTG Adam. This episode is really funny. All three guys are into the same woman at work, but of course, it doesn't work out for any of them. Maybe that's why Adam has such a harsh take on dating. This is, in my opinion, one of the best Workaholics moments.

2 Wizard Rap

I can't even watch the entire video without cracking up. I mean, the guys rapping as wizards? Priceless. This episode was hilarious! Adam tries to become a body builder and ultimately fails. But at the end of the day, Ders and Blake are there to make him feel better and of course, welcome him back into their wizard clan. Gotta love these boys.


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3 Getting Physical

Whenever I watch this clip, I seriously die laughing. Adam and Blake together are my favorite. The way they talk to each other is hilarious. When Blake gets him down and starts talking to him like a little baby, I die. And when Adam talks about all the things he wished he did with his life, it's hard not to crack up. It's hilarious that those are the things Adam talks about when he's "dying".

4 New Kids in School

The episode where the boys go back to high school is too funny. Adam tries way too hard to be "cool" and completely fails. That Blink 182 shirt? Priceless. Blake becomes a swirly victim and Ders is just off trying to get someone to confess to stealing their statue! The boys are so all over the place, it's hard not to laugh.

5 Blake Sees God

This episode was hilarious! I love this clip. Blake "sees God" behind the counter and also sees the picture God has of him (which is just a picture of a dog). Alice kills me too. I'm so used to seeing her as this uptight boss lady, but in this episode she really became one of the boys. She's just as hilarious as they are!

6 "We Are No Idiots"

Their logic always gets me. In order to keep from burning their tongues at an eating contest, they decide to burn their tongue themselves. That way, you know, they won't feel their tongues getting burned and they can just keep eating. I mean, makes sense, right? Only for these boys! It's hilarious to see the type of things they decide to do.

7 Slim Shady

This video makes me lose it every time. Ders as a blonde? Not so sure it works for him! That's why I love it when Adam calls him Slim Shady! It's hilarious.

There you have it! These are some of my favorite Workaholics moments. There are so many more, like pretty much the entire series. Which Workaholics moment was your favorite? Who's your favorite character?

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