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7 of Alan Partridge's Craziest Moments ...

By Neecey

If you’re going to read through Alan Partridge’s craziest moments you might first need to ask who is Alan Partridge. Alan Partridge is one of the alter egos of British comedian/actor Steve Coogan (The Parole Officer, Philomena, Night at the Museum). Alan Partridge is one of life’s also-rans. He started as a lowly reporter character on the critically-acclaimed sketch show The Day Today, progressed to his own talk show – Knowing Me, Knowing You, suffered a spectacular fall from grace and became a pre-breakfast show DJ on Radio Norwich, living in the Linton Travel Tavern. He is a man caught up in a seriously-blinkered view of his talents and what he can bring to the world of entertainment. He is in a constant crawl up the ladder of success and every time he reaches a rung, it breaks and he falls. Let’s take a look at Alan Partridge’s craziest moments.

1 Cow

I’m Alan Partridge, Series 1, episode 3

Having invited a local farming union representative to his radio show, Alan harangues the man about the ethics of modern farming methods. He mentions giant chickens and cow spines in a baguette. He does nothing to endear himself to the farming community but you think it ends there; except that one of Alan Partridge’s craziest moments is coming. Alan is on a canal boat making a commercial when some farmers drop a huge dead cow on him from a bridge.

2 Bang

Knowing Me, Knowing You, finale

Alan Partridge should never have been given his own chat show. Every one was a disaster. He is rude, bigoted, stupid and ignorant and he sees every guest as an exaggerated stereotype. You just know that he will get his come-uppance. His show finally gets cancelled when he shoots a guest.


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3 Ouch

I’m Alan Partridge, Series 2, episode 2

Alan Partridge must be one of the most unlovable characters to ever hit our TV screens. If you were looking for something to admire about him though, it’s his work ethic. No one embodies the spirit of “the show must go on” more. Having been booked to host a sales conference, Alan bravely stands up to deliver, despite that just shortly before he had impaled his foot on a spike trying to get into the country club. (This follows him having had a meeting with the conference organizer around a table made from a door balanced on some wood!)

4 Bono

I’m Alan Partridge Series 2, episode 5

At this stage in his life Alan is living in a caravan on the plot of a house he is having built. He is living with Sonja, his gullible Ukrainian girlfriend. Alan brags that he knows Bono, and Sonja persists in her wishes to meet the famous U2 front man. Alan has no choice but to arrange it.

5 Dan

I’m Alan Partridge Series 2, episode 3

We all have those moments when we call out to someone and they walk on regardless. Most of us assume they didn’t hear us and continue on our way. When you are Alan Partridge however, you can’t leave it there. Dan is Alan’s first friend in ages. Watch the clip – enough said.

6 Cheese

I’m Alan Partridge Series 1, episode 1

Whatever you do, do not copy Alan Partridge’s ways of getting what you want in life. At the beginning of the series, we know that Alan is down on his luck, his chat show having been cancelled. He meets with Tony Ayers, the BBC commissioning editor. He tries desperately in vain to convince Ayers to give him another series. When he realizes nothing is forthcoming, the reaction is very definitely one of Alan Partridge’s craziest moments. Smell my cheese!

7 Zombie

I’m Alan Partridge, Series 1 episode 4

Alan’s social skills are desperately poor. In an attempt to join in when the Linton Travel Tavern is undergoing renovations and the staff is having fun with Alan’s long-suffering secretary Lynn, Alan dresses up as a zombie and scares the life out of Susan, the receptionist. The video clip cuts off before you hear that to create his costume Alan has taped tungsten-tipped screws to his finger nails, wrapped a shower curtain around him, made a tail from a kettle flex (zombies with tails?), stuck a shower cap on his head and sellotaped complimentary biscuits to his face.

I know some British humor isn’t to everyone’s taste but Alan Partridge truly is hilarious. It is well worth watching all episodes you can find. You can forego Knowing Me, Knowing You and simply dive straight into I’m Alan Partridge. Are you going to give it a watch?

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