17 Wedding Movies That Are about More than Just a Wedding ...


17 Wedding Movies That Are about More than Just a Wedding ...
17 Wedding Movies That Are about More than Just a Wedding ...

Movie weddings are … something else. Most of them are magical, but quite a few of them are tragic, disastrous, or hilarious. The thing is, a number of wedding movies aren't just about the wedding. They're about something else entirely. In the real world, I think real weddings are like that, as well. I mean, yes, it's all about you and your partner, your soon-to-be spouse, but there are always other issues popping up during the lead-up to a wedding. These movies focus on weddings, but they're about so much more than that.

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Mamma Mia!

This is about SO much more than a wedding – at least, it's about more than the wedding you expect. More than anything – to me, anyway – this is about the mother-daughter relationship between Donna and Sophie, as well as female friendship, youth, sex, and love.


Rachel Getting Married

Rachel takes a backseat in this, actually. Her wedding isn't nearly as important as her sister Kym and the overall family dynamic. Kym's whole story makes me cry more than Rachel's wedding.


27 Dresses

I know this movie had a rom-com point, but really, it's about the opportunity to show Katherine Heigl in 28 really pretty dresses. I'm sorry, that was Haterade.



Bridesmaids is about female friendship, too, as well as fear of change, evolution, and failure, I think. It's also about the stress leading up to a wedding for most parties involved. Oh, and poop jokes – but I ain't hatin'.


Four Weddings and a Funeral

This one, of course, it all about what happens at the weddings and between the weddings. Well, and the funeral, too. I realize this sounds like a horrible middle school book report from someone who clearly didn't read the book. “Of Mice and Men was a great book about a bunch of mice and a bunch of men.”

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Father of the Bride

Oh. Oh. This movie. This remake, I should say, but I don't care because it's better than the original. It's about the father-daughter bond, and it's just … I just love it so much!


The Wedding Singer

This was about being one of the last really good movies my beloved Adam Sandler ever mad. Nah, just kidding, that's mean – true, but mean. It's more about the wedding singer, though – and that boss Billy Idol cameo.


My Best Friend’s Wedding

I hope no one in real life ever has to experience a wedding like this. I hope no one's wedding is about your beloved's best friend trying to snatch your spouse.


The Proposal

This was about many things, but to me, more than anything … it's about Ryan Reynolds being adorable.


The Five-Year Engagement

I love this movie! You know what I love most about it? That for once, for once, the woman in the movie doesn't want to get married. She wants to focus on HER career.


Corpse Bride

Ah. A love stronger than death … or something.


Wedding Crashers

Oh, the wedding guest trope! I have not actually gone to a lot of weddings, but even judging from my own, there really is a good chance that someone besides the happily wedded couple will get laid at any wedding.


The Wedding Planner

You ever notice how, in movies like these, where the groom leaves his bride for someone else, they have to make the bride completely unlikable?


My Big Fat Greek Wedding

This one's all about family! The wedding is a big deal here – and it is lovely, even with that cream puff dress – but it's mostly about family, and how important it is to support each other, and how you must remember that even when your family drives you crazy, they're still your people.


Runaway Bride

Commitment issues. This one is more about commitment issues than the actual wedding.


Bride Wars

Heather loves this movie. I think it's sad, but then happy – because it focuses on friendships rather than relationships. And I'm so glad things work out for these two besties.


Made of Honor

This? This is about Patrick Dempsey. Okay, not really, but I'm rewatching Grey's and I'm just kind of into McDreamy right now.

Tell me, tell me – were there any juicy stories going on behind the scenes at your wedding? My mom was having a good old-fashioned Southern Momma meltdown, my former best friend was alienating my universally hated sister-in-law, two old friends from high school – one married – got this close to hooking up, and my neighbors got high in one of the venue's bathrooms. Fun stuff!

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You forgot The best man. I loveeee that movie

And Jumping the Broom!

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