Model Your House after These Famous Movie Homes ...


Model Your House after These Famous Movie Homes ...
Model Your House after These Famous Movie Homes ...

Movies always have the prettiest houses! I always love watching movies just for the home decor and interior design inspiration. If you love interior design in movies as much as I do, this list is sure to give you all of the home inspiration of your dreams!

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Practical Magic Kitchen

Practical Magic Kitchen Source: Practical Magic: A Victorian House
This off-white kitchen is so beautiful!


The kitchen, infused with charm and character, isn't just a backdrop for the movie's whimsical scenes—it's a heartwarming space that invites you to embrace the cottage core aesthetic. With its open shelving lined with tantalizing jars of herbs and an impressive vintage stove, it inspires one to stir up some love-infused concoctions of their own. The large, welcoming table at the center of the room is perfect for family gatherings or sharing a cup of tea with your closest coven. Just imagine prepping your meals in this serene setting where magic seems to be a key ingredient!


The Holiday Living Room

The Holiday Living Room Source: Kate Winslet's English Cottage in
This shabby chic living room from The Holiday is absolutely stunning!


With its cozy fireplace, plush sofas, and soft, warm lighting, it's the perfect inspiration for creating a cuddly winter haven in your own home. Picture yourself curled up with a good book or enjoying a hot cup of cocoa amidst a space filled with rich textures and vintage finds. Consider layering throws and pillows in festive hues to add a pop of color to the room, while twinkle lights can bring in that special magical glow. It's all about crafting an inviting atmosphere where memories are made during the holiday season.


Something's Gotta Give Pool

Something's Gotta Give Pool Source: The Beach House in "Something's
This pool from the movie Something's Gotta Give has become an iconic movie set!


Practical Magic Exterior

Practical Magic Exterior Source: The 23 Most Incredible Old
This Victorian house in Something's Gotta Give is so pretty!


The Holiday Library

The Holiday Library Source: Kate Winslet's English Cottage in
Iris's library in this movie is every person's dream.


Rustic Kitchen

Rustic Kitchen Source: Practical Magic: Tour This Beautiful
This rustic kitchen is so pretty!


Built-ins from Something's Gotta Give

Built-ins from Something's Gotta Give Source: The Beach House in "Something's
This little reading nook is so cozy and gorgeous!


Featuring whitewashed shelves brimming with books and framed by classic movies' charm, this intimate spot is simply perfect for unwinding with your favorite novel and a glass of wine. The natural light pours in, enhancing the serene atmosphere and highlighting every detail, from the plush cushions to the thoughtfully placed decorations. It's a testament to how a film's distinct design elements can inspire our own living spaces to be both functional and stunningly beautiful.


It's Complicated Hallways

It's Complicated Hallways Source: It’s Complicated: A Movie House
This Spanish-style hallway is so stunning.


The Holiday Kitchen

The Holiday Kitchen Source: Kate Winslet's English Cottage in
This little cottage kitchen is so cozy!


Somethings Gotta Give Windows

Somethings Gotta Give Windows Source: lilyg
This wall of windows is dream-worthy!


Gilmore Girls House !

Gilmore Girls House ! Source: Gilmore Girls: Lorelai's House and


Great Gatsby Cottage

Great Gatsby Cottage Source: Great Gatsby: Locations, houses and
The exterior of the cottage from The Great Gatsby is so beautiful!


It's Complicated Kitchen

It's Complicated Kitchen Source: Amy Vermillion Interiors
This bright and sunny kitchen is to die for!


Blue and White Living Room

Blue and White Living Room Source: COTE DE TEXAS: James Radin
This blue and white living room is so airy and beautiful!


Owen's House in Practical Magic

Owen's House in Practical Magic Source: A "Practical Magic"-Inspired Kitchen That
These beams are what my dreams are made of!


The Beach House in Something's Gotta Give

The Beach House in Something's Gotta Give Source: The Beach House in "Something's
These bookcases are such a big dream for so many people!


It's Complicated House

It's Complicated House Source: COTE DE TEXAS: Found: The
The tall ceilings in this house are dreamy!


Big White Kitchen

Big White Kitchen Source: The Beach House in "Something's
This big kitchen is so beautiful!


Blind Side House

Blind Side House Source: Things That Inspire: New on
The stairs in the Blind Side house was the most beautiful part of this house!


White Kitchen

White Kitchen Source: Famous Movie Kitchens
This white kitchen from It's Complicated is one of my all-time favorites!


Blues and Oranges

Blues and Oranges Source: Crafts & Activities Babble
The blues and oranges in this room were used so well!


Pride and Prejudice House

Pride and Prejudice House Source: Pride and Prejudice Houses in
This classic house used in Pride and Prejudice is one of the prettiest houses ever!


Breaking Dawn Cottage

Breaking Dawn Cottage Source: Breaking Dawn 2: Bella and
Edward and Bella's house in Breaking Dawn 2 was so cozy and inviting!

What's your favorite movie house? Give me some movies to check out for the interior design in the comments!

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Any with a pool will do me. Thank you very much, Yes please.

Pride and prejudice is the nicest one but also probably the most expensive.

The apartment in 'You've got mail' and the penthouse in 'Meet Joe Black'

I love the Great Gatsby!!!! Unfortunately I've yet to see the movie :(

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