Model Your House after These Famous Movie Homes ...

By Teresa

Movies always have the prettiest houses! I always love watching movies just for the home decor and interior design inspiration. If you love interior design in movies as much as I do, this list is sure to give you all of the home inspiration of your dreams!

1 Practical Magic Kitchen

Practical Magic Kitchen Source: Practical Magic: A Victorian House
This off-white kitchen is so beautiful!

2 The Holiday Living Room

The Holiday Living Room Source: Kate Winslet's English Cottage in
This shabby chic living room from The Holiday is absolutely stunning!

3 Something's Gotta Give Pool

Something's Gotta Give Pool Source: The Beach House in "Something's
This pool from the movie Something's Gotta Give has become an iconic movie set!

4 Practical Magic Exterior

Practical Magic Exterior Source: The 23 Most Incredible Old
This Victorian house in Something's Gotta Give is so pretty!

5 The Holiday Library

The Holiday Library Source: Kate Winslet's English Cottage in
Iris's library in this movie is every person's dream.

6 Rustic Kitchen

Rustic Kitchen Source: Practical Magic: Tour This Beautiful
This rustic kitchen is so pretty!

7 Built-ins from Something's Gotta Give

Built-ins from Something's Gotta Give Source: The Beach House in "Something's
This little reading nook is so cozy and gorgeous!

8 It's Complicated Hallways

It's Complicated Hallways Source: It’s Complicated: A Movie House
This Spanish-style hallway is so stunning.

9 The Holiday Kitchen

The Holiday Kitchen Source: Kate Winslet's English Cottage in
This little cottage kitchen is so cozy!

10 Somethings Gotta Give Windows

Somethings Gotta Give Windows Source: lilyg
This wall of windows is dream-worthy!

11 Gilmore Girls House !

Gilmore Girls House ! Source: Gilmore Girls: Lorelai's House and

12 Great Gatsby Cottage

Great Gatsby Cottage Source: Great Gatsby: Locations, houses and
The exterior of the cottage from The Great Gatsby is so beautiful!

13 It's Complicated Kitchen

It's Complicated Kitchen Source: Amy Vermillion Interiors
This bright and sunny kitchen is to die for!

14 Blue and White Living Room

Blue and White Living Room Source: COTE DE TEXAS: James Radin
This blue and white living room is so airy and beautiful!

15 Owen's House in Practical Magic

Owen's House in Practical Magic Source: A "Practical Magic"-Inspired Kitchen That
These beams are what my dreams are made of!

16 The Beach House in Something's Gotta Give

The Beach House in Something's Gotta Give Source: The Beach House in "Something's
These bookcases are such a big dream for so many people!

17 It's Complicated House

It's Complicated House Source: COTE DE TEXAS: Found: The
The tall ceilings in this house are dreamy!

18 Big White Kitchen

Big White Kitchen Source: The Beach House in "Something's
This big kitchen is so beautiful!

19 Blind Side House

Blind Side House Source: Things That Inspire: New on
The stairs in the Blind Side house was the most beautiful part of this house!

20 White Kitchen

White Kitchen Source: Famous Movie Kitchens
This white kitchen from It's Complicated is one of my all-time favorites!

21 Blues and Oranges

Blues and Oranges Source: Crafts & Activities Babble
The blues and oranges in this room were used so well!

22 Pride and Prejudice House

Pride and Prejudice House Source: Pride and Prejudice Houses in
This classic house used in Pride and Prejudice is one of the prettiest houses ever!

23 Breaking Dawn Cottage

Breaking Dawn Cottage Source: Breaking Dawn 2: Bella and
Edward and Bella's house in Breaking Dawn 2 was so cozy and inviting!

What's your favorite movie house? Give me some movies to check out for the interior design in the comments!

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