17 on-Screen Couples That Would Never Work in the Real World ...

So, I get way too invested in movie and television couples. I'm not proud of the fact, but it happens. It happens with books, too, but for the purposes of this post, we're gonna focus on TV and movie couples because … well, because I want to and I'm writing this, so there. Back to my odd behavior, though, as much as I love shipping certain couples, even I have to admit that many of the cutest, steamiest, or sexiest couples wouldn't work in the real world. Never. Not one single chance. Check out my opinions, then tell me yours!

1. Dean and Rory, Gilmore Girls

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Rory and Dean were adorable – the perfect high school couple. Except for the fact that they had absolutely nothing in common. They tried, and I think they were good for each other – the first time – but this wasn't meant to last and couldn't have in real life, either. Opposites may attract, but you have to share something, you know?

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