17 on-Screen Couples That Would Never Work in the Real World ...


17 on-Screen Couples That Would Never Work in the Real World ...
17 on-Screen Couples That Would Never Work in the Real World ...

So, I get way too invested in movie and television couples. I'm not proud of the fact, but it happens. It happens with books, too, but for the purposes of this post, we're gonna focus on TV and movie couples because … well, because I want to and I'm writing this, so there. Back to my odd behavior, though, as much as I love shipping certain couples, even I have to admit that many of the cutest, steamiest, or sexiest couples wouldn't work in the real world. Never. Not one single chance. Check out my opinions, then tell me yours!

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Dean and Rory, Gilmore Girls

Dean and Rory, Gilmore Girls Rory and Dean were adorable – the perfect high school couple. Except for the fact that they had absolutely nothing in common. They tried, and I think they were good for each other – the first time – but this wasn't meant to last and couldn't have in real life, either. Opposites may attract, but you have to share something, you know?


Josh and Cher, Clueless

Josh and Cher, Clueless I will forever ship Josh and Cher, but I don't … I know they're not really related. Even in canon, they're not even step-related anymore, technically, but still. Squick factor.


Ben and Alison, Knocked up

Ben and Alison, Knocked up These types of situations can absolutely occur, but I don't buy an Alison type ever staying with a Ben type – not unless they both changed for the other.


House and Dr. Cuddy, House

House and Dr. Cuddy, House There are seventy-seven thousand reasons House and Cuddy could never work. Their flirtation was hot and (some) fans were happy to see House happy, but the odds are good that they'd split in a real-life romance, too.


Johnny and Baby, Dirty Dancing

Johnny and Baby, Dirty Dancing Baby is a BABY, okay? Johnny was dreamy when I was nine, but I don't want to see this IRL now. No. Bad.


Rachel and Ross, Friends

Rachel and Ross, Friends I said it. In the real world, all of Rachel's friends would be talking her out of this ish.


Yang and Burke, Grey's Anatomy

Yang and Burke, Grey's Anatomy I am currently rewatching Grey's for the fifth time. In a row. I feel compelled to say this. If this relationship was for real, I'd like to think Cristina would have someone to point out that her mentor is indeed cutting away pieces of her. You know who I ship Yang with? Ross.


Izzie and George, Grey's Anatomy

Izzie and George, Grey's Anatomy IZZIE IS THE WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD. Why wouldn't this work IRL? Because I cannot believe anyone in the real world would be so stupid as to FORCE someone to see drunk sex as a magical happily ever after. /rant. Sorry.


Romeo and Juliet, Romeo + Juliet

Romeo and Juliet, Romeo + Juliet Not just because the two actors hated each other, either. IRL, I just honestly believe the whole relationship would blow up in text messages within a span of two days and Romeo'd be on to the next one.


Blaine and Dave, Glee

Blaine and Dave, Glee This shouldn't have happened on-screen and I can't ever see it happening in the real world, either. Let's just forget this.


Jenna and Matty, Awkward

Jenna and Matty, Awkward This is a guilty pleasure, I love Awkward! I've always hated her relationship with Matty, though. All that sneaking around in the beginning, especially, put a bad taste in my mouth. I think that in a real world scenario, Jenna would know when to step.


Christian and Ana, Fifty Shades of Grey

Christian and Ana, Fifty Shades of Grey Could this possibly work IRL? Could it?


Olivia and Fitz, Scandal



Jim and Pam, the Office

Jim and Pam, the Office Not that I don't love these two, I just refuse to believe that any couple this adorkable could possibly exist IRL. It's a unicorn.


Jackie and Fez, That '70s Show

Jackie and Fez, That '70s Show I know Jackie-in-real-life would recognize Fez as a perv. Right? She'd have to.


Seth and Jules, Superbad

Seth and Jules, Superbad Not that they ended up together in the movie, really, but my girl Jules would call out those fuckboy antics IRL, I just know it.


Annie and Sam, Sleepless in Seattle

Annie and Sam, Sleepless in Seattle I hate myself for even writing this, but it's true. Especially today, would Annie ever trek across the country and back to meet a man she heard on the radio? All I can think of is the two of them texting and Sam calling her a fat slut when she says no to a dick pic.

And speaking of picks (kind of), who are yours? Any on-screen couples you know would never make it if they were real?

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Two people can never build happiness if doing so you crushed someone's life. That is what Fitz did to his wife

I respectfully disagree with Olivia and Fitz. They would totally make it.

If I had a counter for every time IRL was used 😂 I couldn't understand half of the points as that was used so many times!

All of Rachel's friends are ross' friends

Olivia and Fitz would not make it the real world. They have hurt each other too much. Her father killed Fitz's son. There is too much pain between them, and both of them are not nice people. You

The Jim and Pam comment lol

I disagree with Matty and Jenna not working IRL there's lots of teens who act just like them.

No one could make it with Christina. She acted like a robot- not very human acting - certainly not feminine at all.

Naomi and Ethan 90210

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