9 Great Movies about Mother-Daughter Relationships to Enjoy with Your Mom ...

When you're looking for movies to rent this weekend, you're likely to see that there are lots of movies about mother-daughter relationships. These types of films are great to watch alone or with your mom or daughter. They show us that most mother-daughter relationships are very complex. They also show us that while many mother-daughter relationships have similarities, no two are exactly the same. If you decide to rent one of these great movies about mother-daughter relationships, be sure to pick up an extra box of tissues too. Many of these films have a way of bringing people to tears.

1. Lady Bird

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In one of the most endearing coming of age movies of recent years, Saoirse Ronan is totally fierce as a girl who dreams of a place at a good school far away from home while her mother thinks she's only good for the local community college. Writer and director Greta Gerwig perfectly captures that fraught mother-daughter relationship where it's obvious to us all but the protagonists that the love runs deep, very deep.

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