9 Great Movies about Mother-Daughter Relationships to Enjoy with Your Mom ...


9 Great Movies about Mother-Daughter Relationships to Enjoy with Your Mom ...
9 Great Movies about Mother-Daughter Relationships to Enjoy with Your Mom ...

When you're looking for movies to rent this weekend, you're likely to see that there are lots of movies about mother-daughter relationships. These types of films are great to watch alone or with your mom or daughter. They show us that most mother-daughter relationships are very complex. They also show us that while many mother-daughter relationships have similarities, no two are exactly the same. If you decide to rent one of these great movies about mother-daughter relationships, be sure to pick up an extra box of tissues too. Many of these films have a way of bringing people to tears.

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Lady Bird

In one of the most endearing coming of age movies of recent years, Saoirse Ronan is totally fierce as a girl who dreams of a place at a good school far away from home while her mother thinks she's only good for the local community college. Writer and director Greta Gerwig perfectly captures that fraught mother-daughter relationship where it's obvious to us all but the protagonists that the love runs deep, very deep.


Because I Said so

Because I Said So is one of my favorite movies about mother-daughter relationships. If you have a mom who tends to meddle a little bit too much in your life, you will be able to relate to this move. Because I Said So tells the story of a mom named Daphne who tries to find her daughter Milly the right man. Daphne fears that if her daughter doesn't find the right guy soon, she will end up alone. In her attempt to find love for her daughter, Daphne decides to sign Milly up for internet dating, without telling her. Watch to see if Daphne is successful at finding Milly the perfect man or if her plan fails.


Terms of Endearment

This classic movie is a favorite among both mothers and daughters. I think the popularity of this movie is due to the fact that it is very similar to real life. This film tells the story of a mother named Aura and her daughter named Emma. In this film, these two women seem to have a love/hate relationship. Aura rarely agrees with the decisions that Emma makes, but she is always there for her when it really matters.


Steel Magnolias

Steel Magnolias tells the story of a group of six women. Each one of these women has very distinct personalities and that sometimes causes a little bit of conflict. Even though all of these ladies have differences, they're still able to show us the true meaning of friendship. One of the relationships features a mother-daughter pair who don't always see eye to eye about things, but they love each other unconditionally. In my opinion, this movie is one of the greatest classic chick flicks of all time.


Mommie Dearest

Movies about mother-daughter relationships don't have to be syrupy and lovey, some are downright uncomfortable. But the beauty of something like Mommie Dearest will make you cringe as you watch but you'll also both be very glad you have a special relationship far removed from that on screen. Based on the autobiography of Joan Crawford's adopted it portrays the movie diva as a shamelessly publicity-hungry, overbearing and physically abusive mother. It will put you off wire coat hangers for life.



If you're looking for a movie about mother-relationships to watch with your little girl, Brave is a good choice. My little girl is 8 and this is one of her favorites. This film is about a young girl who is very independent. She and her mother clash often because she wants to live a free-spirited life, her mother is very traditional and this causes a lot of conflict between them. This film does a good job teaching us the importance of communication between mothers and daughters.


Freaky Friday

Have you ever wished that you could be your mom before? In Freaky Friday that wish comes true for Anna. She and her mother are both shocked when they find out that they have switched bodies. This movie is very funny but still has a great message. Both Anna and her mother get to see what it's like living in each other's shoes. Watch as both mother and daughter learn to appreciate each other a little more.


Anywhere but Here

Have you ever felt like you were more like the mother in your mother-daughter relationship, even though you weren't? That is exactly what happens in this movie. This film is about a mom named Adele who is a carefree dreamer. She has a daughter named Ann who is very level headed. Even though it seems like Ann is more like the mom in this film, there is definitely a bond between these two ladies that can't be broken.



When I decided to watch this movie I didn't expect much because I wasn't quite sure if the storyline was one that I could get into. This movie tells the story of a divorced mother with two children. Her ex-husband has moved on with a woman whom she doesn't like. In the film, she is forced to get over her feelings in order to do what she feels is best for her children. She has to learn to like her kids' new stepmom.

I hope that there are some movies on this list that you are looking forward to watching. Are there any movies that you would like to recommend to me about mother-daughter relationships? I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

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Mama Mia is such a good one also!

yes I agree with above - Heartbreakers! awesome movie.


@Bree thats what i wanted to say and also LOL with demi and miley

Georgia Rule is good.

Ya Ya Sisterhood is great!

Yay brave lol

Omg stepmom! What a sad sad movie

Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood is another good one

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