7 Great Science Fiction Movies for Teens ...

It seems that more and more movies geared towards a younger audience are romantic or action rather than being great science fiction movies for teens. Science fiction is a great genre filled with adventure, action, and mystery. I got involved in science fiction at a young age and it has fostered a love for creativity as I get older. Science fiction isn’t for everyone but with these science fiction movies for teens, your kid is sure to fall in love with the genre just like I did.

1. Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

I did not expect this to be one of my favorite science fiction movies for teens when I first started watching it, but it quickly turned into one of my favorites. I love that it features a female lead who kicks butt. She finds love, but doesn’t put it before her mission. Not to mention it has a killer cast of Lily Collins and Jonathan Rhys Meyers. This is more geared towards teenage girls, but any teenager is bound to find this movie entertaining.