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It seems that more and more movies geared towards a younger audience are romantic or action rather than being great science fiction movies for teens. Science fiction is a great genre filled with adventure, action, and mystery. I got involved in science fiction at a young age and it has fostered a love for creativity as I get older. Science fiction isn’t for everyone but with these science fiction movies for teens, your kid is sure to fall in love with the genre just like I did.

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Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

I did not expect this to be one of my favorite science fiction movies for teens when I first started watching it, but it quickly turned into one of my favorites. I love that it features a female lead who kicks butt. She finds love, but doesn’t put it before her mission. Not to mention it has a killer cast of Lily Collins and Jonathan Rhys Meyers. This is more geared towards teenage girls, but any teenager is bound to find this movie entertaining.


Ender’s Game

Even though I absolutely loved the book, the movie of Ender’s Game did not disappoint. It is great for teens because it shows that even a child can save the world. It embraces the more creative minds of young adults and showcases just how much a teen can accomplish.


Star Wars

This is a classic that just couldn’t be left out of the list. I grew up on Star Wars and it gave me a love for science fiction. It introduced me to space ships and aliens and a place far far away. I think it meant to be a violent movie, but the special effects in the '80s were not that great so it should be safe for young eyes. But I would avoid the cheesy newer Star Wars that were made a few years ago. They are not that great and kind of ruin the series. You also can’t order the Star Wars movies on iTunes so if you plan on watching them, you have to go out and actually buy the DVD.


Even with the somewhat dated special effects, Star Wars has managed to capture the hearts of multiple generations. The epic storyline, memorable characters like Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and the iconic Darth Vader, combined with John Williams' stirring score, create an immersive universe that's both nostalgic and awe-inspiring. It's a movie that not only sparked a cultural phenomenon but also set the standard for space operas to come. Handing down this experience can be seen as a rite of passage, and while the visuals may not be as slick as today's CGI feats, the original trilogy's practical effects add a timeless charm for young audiences.



If there is anything a teen knows, it is that being different sucks. X-Men is one of the greatest science fiction movies for teens because it takes a group of outcasts and shows just how great they can be. No teen wants to be an outcast, but this movie might just change their mind and show them that being different can help you reach your full potential.



How can I not include E.T. on this list? It shows that not all friends have to be the same type of person and friendship can last through even the worst hardships. It teaches compassion and understanding and is great to inspire any teenager. Not to mention it was one of Steven Spielberg’s most famous directional debuts.



This movie has everything a teen could want. Great visuals, great action, and a great love story. It may or may not have based its entire story line on Pocahontas, but it is still a fantastic movie.


Star Trek

While the classic movies have an entire fan base surrounding them, the 2009 reboot might be more entertaining for your teen. It includes great visual effects, and a basis of the characters that can feed into a love for the original series. It is filled with action, but is not too violent for your teen’s eyes.

It is up to your child to decide what movies they want to love and what genres to obsess over, but introducing them to science fiction can’t hurt. Science fiction movies teach lessons while still being highly entertaining. What did you think of these great science fiction movies for teens? Are there other science fiction movies you love? Do you think science fiction is a great genre to get into?

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City of bones wasn't even that great /: especially compared to the book. The best character adaption was Simon.

Beautiful creatures?

The city of bones books were really good,I haven't watched the film yet

I love Enders game so much!!

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