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If you've ever thought about what it would be like to work with a member of your family then you'll be intrigued by these movies starring real-life family members. Working with a member of the same family can be a challenge in any work place, but what about if you were acting in a film and assuming the same family roles that you do in real life? How do you separate the ancestral fact from the family fiction? Here are some movies starring real-life family members where there's sometimes much truth behind the fiction!

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The Pursuit of Happyness

Where the Smith clan is concerned, it sure is a family affair. Well, a father and son affair at least! This cute couple has starred in two films together and this is my favorite of the two. This heart-warming tale from 2006 showcased the father and son duo at their best as they struggle with homelessness. Will's son Jaden made his film debut in this movie and whilst his father was nominated for numerous awards and accolades, Jaden won the MTV Movie Award for Best Male Breakthrough performance. This is one of my favorite movies starring real-life family members.


The Krays

This is one of my favourite gangster films and it's a true story about a brutal pair of London born gangsters in the 1960s, who wreaked havoc in the criminal underbelly of London's East End. Ronnie and Reggie Kray are played by real-life brothers, Martin and Gary Kemp. The twins were no stranger to the limelight before this 1990 movie, both being members of the British band Spandau Ballet. But before the band, they had both been involved in acting. The film actually signaled the end for the band however, with both going on to appear in a number of movies and TV programs after the success of The Krays.


Blown Away

Another father and son affair, this time starring Jeff Bridges and his father Lloyd Bridges. As the title suggests, it's an incendiary inspired tale of terrorism with, as you can imagine, lots of explosives thrown in for your viewing pleasure. When an Irish bomber, in the shape of Tommy Lee Jones, escapes from prison and targets a member of the Boston bomb squad, Jeff Bridges is the man with a past who needs to try and foil his plans for revenge in this 1994 action packed thriller.


Wall Street

It seems this financial district in New York is rich source material for writers and film makers alike. This 1987 movie directed by Oliver Stone stars Charlie Sheen and his father Martin. These two play father and son in a cautionary tale about greed and the good life, with those famous words of Michael Douglas's Gordon Gekko ringing in our ears still to this day. Remember guys, "greed is good." (I don't really believe that!)



This film from 2003 starred Gwyneth Paltrow and her mother Blythe Danner. It's the story of the tempestuous relationship between the poets Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath. Blythe Danner plays her mother, Aurelia Plath. Although Gwyneth and Blythe had starred in another film some twelve years earlier, this is the first time that they had assumed the roles they play in real-life as mother and daughter. The film was met with mixed reviews and was overshadowed a little by Sylvia's real-life daughter refusing to cooperate with the project and publicly denouncing it.


The Winter Guest

This movie from 1997 is beautiful and was directed by none other than Alan Rickman. It was his debut as a film director and if you like your movie filled to the brim with action and explosives, then this one really isn't for you. It follows four sets of characters and is a film which makes you sit back and contemplate life, love and ultimately, why we're here. Don't you just love those types of films? And the family connection? Well, the central story revolves around real-life and on screen mother and daughter, Emma Thompson and Phyllida Law.


Blood Red

Ok, so this film was panned by critics and viewers alike but I quite enjoyed it. It features one of my favorite actors of all time, Julia Roberts, and her brother Eric, who play brother and sister in the movie too. Although it was filmed in 1986, it wasn't released until three years later. Set in the late nineteenth century in California, the story centers around the life of a Sicilian family and their battle to protect both their American dream and the family's honor.

Can you think of any other movies which are a family affair and in which the family members play the same relationship in a movie?

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The fabulous baker boys, Jeff and Beau Bridges playing brothers

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