7 Top Movies of the 70s That Are Perfect for Retro Movie Night ...

Nothing is more perfect on a night in than movies of the 70s! Theyโ€™re original, well told and captivating. Plus, they bring us back to a different time in Hollywood when actors were fine tuned in their craft. Although todayโ€™s movies are good theyโ€™re not as good as the movies of the 70s!

1. Taxi Driver, 1976

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Starring Robert De Niro and Jodie Foster, Taxi Driver was one of the most popular movies of the 70s. The crime/drama in all honesty reminds me of the movie Pretty Woman (1990) starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere... except darker and more intense. The movie is about a Vietnam War veteran who now drives taxis at night all while suffering from PTSD. The ignorance and obnoxious ways of the city he provides his taxi service in cause him to become aggressive. However, he meets a prostitute who he feels sorry for and he tries to save her.

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