7 Top Movies of the 80s for when You're in a Nostalgic Mood ...

We all love movies of the 80s! They were cutting edge for their time with their “advanced” visuals and special effects. Plus, the stories were mostly all originals. Unlike today’s movie where a lot of them are sequels, book adaptations or remakes, the movies of the 80s were new and different! Here are a few movies of the 80s.

1. Amadeus, 1984

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One of my favourite movies of the 80s, Amadeus is a biography of the world renowned composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (quite the name). What makes this movie different than usual biographies is that it’s told from the perspective of Antonio Salieri – a rival of Mozart. Envious of Mozart’s undisputed talent, Salieri makes no attempt in making his rival look good but does acknowledge the marvelous talent of Mozart.

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