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9 on-Screen Restaurants We All Want to Dine at ...

By Neecey

How sad is it that there are some great on-screen restaurants that we can never actually eat at because they are fictional? Sometimes it’s the food that draws us in, sometimes it‘s the setting and sometimes it’s the action that takes place. These are my favorite on-screen restaurants:

1 The Frosty Palace - Grease

Be honest, who didn’t want to spend an evening with the T-Birds and the Pink Ladies eating ice cream sundaes and dancing to 1950s tunes on the jukebox? The diner in Grease is the hub of all the dancing and drama that goes on, from Rizzo throwing a milkshake all over Kenickie to Frenchie being visited by her very own guardian angel. Real talk, the burger and fries look delicious!

2 Gusteau’s – Ratatouille

Pixar brought to life the wonder of a top class Parisian restaurant called Gusteau’s in their 2007 animation, except for one curious difference, the best chef in the country just happened to be a rat! If you want to be able to taste the now iconic ratatouille dish that becomes the focal point of the film, then Disneyland Paris offer the next best thing with a wonderful themed restaurant where everything is so large that you are made to feel as small as a rat yourself!


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3 Katz’s Deli - when Harry Met Sally

This is one of the few on-screen restaurants that exists in reality. The infamous fake orgasm scene in the Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal classic When Harry Met Sally took place at Katz’s Deli in New York, and ever since the film’s release the place has become something of a cinematic pilgrimage for any fans wanting to experience a slice of Hollywood legend. I wonder how many times the waiters and waitresses have had to listen to the infamous line “I’ll have what she’s having!”

4 Jack Rabbit Slims - Pulp Fiction

The themed restaurant called Jack Rabbit Slims where Vincent and Mia go to eat together is so weird and wonderful that you can’t help but want to eat there. You get to sit in old classic cars to eat, all of the waitresses are dressed as classic film actors and, of course, after you have finished your delicious five dollar shake you can boogie on down as part of the twist contest. Vincent and Mia rocked the joint!

5 Mos Eisley Cantina - Star Wars Episode IV: a New Hope

There are a couple of venues to choose from in the Star Wars universe, but the original Mos Eisley Cantina is surely the one that everybody wants to visit. Sure, it might be full of undesirable characters looking for a fight, but I would certainly risk it for a chance to find and flirt with Harrison Ford’s Han Solo, wouldn’t you?

6 The Three Broomsticks - Harry Potter

The Three Broomsticks is the pub located in the heart of the magical village of Hogsmeade, owned by the wonderful Madam Rosmerta. The pub is warm, clean, cozy and often crowded, but is the number one spot for a glass of butter beer or a shot of fire whiskey if you are feeling brave! If you’re feeling hungry, you can always opt for an ice cream sundae with cherry syrup and red currant rum, yummy! If your choice runs to something more chintzy and café-like, head to Madame Puddifoot’s Tea Shop and for something altogether grittier, there’s always the Hogs Head Inn.

7 Korova Milk Bar - a Clockwork Orange

The Korova Milk Bar that Alex and his chums visit in Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange is probably one of the strangest big screen bar or restaurant experiences ever. Opiate-spiked milk is the only thing on the menu, and the drinks are served on the bodies of naked painted ladies. You might not want to stick around, but it would certainly be an interesting visit!

8 Café 80s – Back to the Future Part II

Talk about confusing. If you watched this in the year of the film’s release in 1989, it would be hard to accept that the Café 80s was in fact meant to be a retro representation of the 1980s set in 2015. Now it’s 2015! That means we can enjoy the 80’s themed restaurant complete with avatar waiters of the decade’s icons like Michael Jackson and Ronald Reagan and cool shaped Pepsi bottles. Would you sit in a booth or choose an exercycle?

9 Zyggies Ice Cream Parlor – Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

If it was good enough for Napoleon, then it’s good enough for me. Where else could you get the infamous Zyggie Pie – “the single greatest ice cream spectacle known to man”? Far from being a humble piece of pie, this a mega dessert of a giant punch bowl filled with ice cream, whipped cream, marshmallows, maraschino cherries, nuts and all sorts of lovely sundae goodies. Altogether now “Eat the pig, eat the pig, zyggie, zyggie, zyggie, zig.”

Which movie restaurant do you wish was real so you could eat there?

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