The Classic Christmas Movie for You Based on Your Zodiac Sign ...


The Classic Christmas Movie for You Based on Your Zodiac Sign ...
The Classic Christmas Movie for You Based on Your Zodiac Sign ...

One of my favourite things about Christmas is the hundreds and hundreds of festive themed movies that only seem to be appropriate to watch at this time of year! If I had my way, we would be watching Christmas movies all year round, but I will admit that they feel even more special when you are enjoying them in December! Here is the classic Christmas movies for your zodiac sign.

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You like a little sass in your festive fun, and Queen Latifah definitely provides that in The Last Holiday!



Your perfect idea of de-stressing with a holiday movie is settling in to watch something that you have seen a million times before, so nothing else but Home Alone will do!



You are a real people person, so the more movie characters you have to dissect and enjoy, the better. For this reason, your movie has to be Love Actually!



You are a silly, juvenile soul, and you have no problem with admitting that! The first thing that comes to mind at Christmas for you is all the childish fun, so Elf is the perfect movie for that.



You don’t do anything conventionally, and arguably the most controversial and debated Christmas movie of all time is Die Hard. The two of you go together like peas in a pod!



You like something it isn’t too long, and is just going to feel like a nice warm hug to go along with the blanket and mulled wine, so A Charlie Brown Christmas is the perfect nostalgic choice.



You are all about superstars when it comes to movies. If it’s not star-studded, then you aren’t interested, so it is a good job that none other than Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz are in The Holiday!



Deep down you are more of a Halloween lover than a Christmas lover, and the simple way to get around this during the holidays is to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas!



The more mayhem and chaos in your comedies, the better, so there really is no other option for a fun loving Sagittarius than the straight-up classic Christmas Vacation!



You are the sort of person who likes a modern twist on a classic tale, so the Jim Carrey version of Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas is right up your alley.



You are the kind of person who stands out in your group of friends as someone special, so you have a deep kindred connection to Rudolf The Red-Nosed Reindeer!



You want to be taken on as magical a ride as possible where your imagination can run wild, and there’s no doubting that one of the more magical recent offerings has been The Polar Express!

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