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Which Disney Character You Are Based on Your Zodiac ? ...

By Jennifer

We've all taken the BuzzFeed quiz to see which Disney Princess we are (Belle) and which villain we are (Maleficent), but have you ever wondered which heroine you are based on your star sign? It makes sense, and your Disney doppelganger might surprise you. Here's a little look into which Disney girl you might be, based on the zodiac.

1 Aries

person, woman, cartoon, anime, profession, Like Mulan, you're energetic, courageous, and quick-witted. I mean, how many times did her quick thinking and nerves of steel save her friends, and all of China? At least three times that I can remember.

2 Taurus

color, red, anime, hand, flower, Giselle from Enchanted may have been too sweet to handle the real world, especially New York City, but she was also loving, patient, and determined, qualities a Taurus girl probably shares.

3 Gemini

anime, cartoon, screenshot, mangaka, Adaptable, inquisitive, and wicked smart -- does that sound like anyone else you know, besides you? Add a yellow dress and safari hat, and that sounds exactly like Jane Porter. Also, minus the hat, like Belle, but we'll see her later.

4 Cancer

blue, performance, light, performing arts, darkness, Caution is often the best way to describe a Cancer, along with emotional, intuitive, and protective -- which means you're probably a lot like Queen Elsa. You know, BEFORE the whole "let it go" thing.

5 Leo

cartoon, anime, illustration, bsentis, tfnbir, Leos can be born leaders, with their cool heads. That means you've likely got a lot in common with Snow White, who rolls with the punches and never lets anyone get her down. If you were a fish, you could also be Dory!

6 Virgo

person, cartoon, mouth, anime, comics, A Virgo is reliable, passionate, and practical, which sounds a lot like Nani Pelekai, doesn't it? Look how well she handles the responsibility of caring for Lilo, not the easiest sister in the galaxy, even before she meets Stitch.

7 Libra

cartoon, anime, illustration, Libras can be romantic, idealistic, and flirtatious, which sounds an awful lot like Jasmine to me. She thought the world was, and could be, a much nicer place than it was, and she was right!

8 Scorpio

finger, Determined, forceful, dramatic, passionate... doesn't that sound like Merida, especially when she shows up to take control of her own destiny at the archery range. Side note: I want her hair!

9 Sagittarius

dress, gown, screenshot, Tiana was optimistic, honest, and had a gentle humor about her which means she was almost certainly a Sagittarius. Are you the same way? Also, can you perform a perfect exhausted flop like she can?

10 Capricorn

cartoon, anime, screenshot, While you may not remember Pocahontas as being practical, patient, and reserved, I think she was, especially in dealing with both her father and John Smith's tribe. She was also funny, which means she's probably a lot like you, and other Capricorns. And look at that side eye!

11 Aquarius

color, beauty, organ, anime, screenshot, Belle was fiercely loyal (I mean, she took father's place without hesitation), independent, and intellectual, just like you, Aquarius girl! Do you love books as much as she did?

12 Pisces

cartoon, anime, comics, illustration, fictional character, This one makes sense on so many levels, but truly Ariel must have been a Pisces. She was emotional, kind, optimistic, and a little naive. She also knew how to nap. YASS.

Can you think of which other Disney heroines who match your star sign?

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