Disney Characters Who Would Make the Best Dates ...

By Avantika

Disney Characters Who Would Make the Best Dates ...

I’ve grown up watching Disney movies and I’m pretty sure my first crush was Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid. But then I grew up and the list of my Disney crushes did too, with a new character emerging every few years or so that would be just so date-worthy. And so here is my list of Disney characters that I think would make the best dates.

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1 Aladdin

Aladdin What’s not to love about this charming pauper turned prince? He’s cute, street smart and have you seen the view from his house? Plus he has a monkey and a magic carpet and a Genie. And he can show you the world! Perfect, I say!

2 Kristoff

Kristoff I can’t be the only one who loves this goofy, has-a-reindeer-for-a-pet and trolls-for-a-family hero, right? Kristoff is funny, cute, does a great reindeer impression and is definitely good to have around in case you get into trouble and need rescuing!

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3 Prince Adam/Beast

Prince Adam/Beast That library. Need I say anything more? I’d absolutely insist that all our dates happen in that beautiful and awesome library. And maybe that ballroom, yes? Best date ever, if you can get past all the hair and fangs!

4 Flynn Rider

Flynn Rider Sure, he may be a thief, but he’s charming and fun and that smoldering gaze is something else, right? Plus he would arrange the most fantastic date ever if his boat ride to see the lanterns is anything to go by. Am I right or am I right, eh?

5 Robin Hood

Robin Hood One foxy date this would be. Pun totally intended. As Disney characters go, Robin Hood is one of the best (apart from being a philanthropist in his own unique manner). Super fun date – romance and adventure all in one!

6 Peter Pan

Peter Pan He can fly. And take you to Never Land. And maybe sprinkle fairy dust on you to make you fly. Best date ever!

7 Mulan

Mulan One of the strongest female Disney characters, Mulan is pretty, brave, intelligent and a superb role model. Why would anybody not want to date her, is my question? She’s awesome!

8 Anna

Anna I like Anna a little bit more than Elsa. She’s super fun, quirky, very pretty and so, so lovable. That makes for a good date I think.

9 Princess Mia

Princess Mia Do I even have to say anything here? Princess Mia is the most “normal” princess ever. She loves her food and her books and music. She’s clumsy and pretty and we love her!

If I could live in the world of Disney, I’d do it in a heartbeat. And then I’d get to date all these awesome and fun Disney characters and maybe get my own Happily Ever After! What Disney characters do you think would make the best dates?

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Peter Pan doesn't want to grow up so I think dating won't work

I'd include Prince Eric and Hercules.

Peter Pan :) my favorite!!!!

Peter pan cause I'm wendy. Lol

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who liked Robin Hood! My first crush was that foxy fox

I think I'd rather be kiara so I can date kovu 😂😂😂. Always had a crush on him.

Flynn ❤️

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