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If you're a history buff, you may both love and loathe TV series with historical settings. The history may not always be that accurate, as tings are changed for dramatic purposes. But there's something quite fascinating about dramas that are set in the past. So here are some series that you should watch if you're a history buff …

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The Poldark novels were first dramatised in the 1970s, and fans of that series weren't too impressed when they heard that a remake was on the cards. But it's actually turned out well. It's a story of love, rivalry and other dramas in 18th-century Cornwall - and it doesn't hurt that the hero is pretty easy on the eye!



If you loved Spartacus then you should catch this series about Ancient Rome. Full of scheming women, political rivalries and plots galore, it's like an ancient soap opera. The good thing about series like Rome is that they bring famous historical figures like Caesar and Mark Antony to life.


Rome is a British-American historical drama television series created by John Milius, William J. MacDonald, and Bruno Heller. It follows the lives of the members of the Roman gentry and the political machinations of the Roman Republic in the 1st century BC. The series stars Kevin McKidd, Ray Stevenson, and Ciarán Hinds as the three main characters.

The show follows the lives of two ordinary Roman soldiers, Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo, as they become involved in the power struggle of the Roman Republic. The series also features a number of prominent historical figures, including Julius Caesar, Pompey, Mark Antony, and Cleopatra.

The series is set in a time of great political turmoil in the Roman Republic. The Roman Senate is in the midst of a power struggle between powerful figures, such as Julius Caesar and Pompey, while the Roman people become increasingly restless and dissatisfied with the status quo.

The show's main themes include power, betrayal, and loyalty. The characters must make difficult decisions, often with dire consequences, as they navigate their way through the political landscape of the Roman Republic.


The Musketeers

When you're in the mood for a rollicking good adventure story, head for The Musketeers. It's a lively retelling of the famous Alexandre Dumas story, told with a good dose of humor. There's some good female characters in it too.


The Tudors

Historical purists weren't too impressed by The Tudors. The history wasn't always too accurate, Jonathan Rhys Meyers looked nothing like Henry VIII, and there were a lot of sex scenes in it. But it brought the era to life, the costumes were wonderful, and it had the best Anne Boleyn ever in Natalie Dormer.



Ever wanted to live in the Wild West? Then head for Deadwood, a critically-acclaimed portrayal of 19th-century America. It's a warts-and-all portrayal of the era that's nowhere near as sanitised as westerns normally are.


The Nightmare Years

Anyone interested in World War II should watch The Nightmare Years. It's based on The Rise And Fall of the Third Reich, the acclaimed memoirs of William Shirer, a journalist who watched the rise of the Nazis to power. He was there in Germany and saw much of it happen.


Horrible Histories

This may not be the most serious of series, but it'll teach you a lot about history! Horrible Histories is based on the books by Terry Deary, which aimed to teach history to children in a fun way. It's actually very accurate, so watch, learn, and laugh!


Band of Brothers

This series is a must for World War II fans. The characters were real people, and at the end of each episode there were interviews with the real men. It's a fantastic piece of drama and incredibly moving.



If you love a historical murder mystery, then you'll enjoy Cadfael. It's kind of the medieval version of CSI, about a monk who solves murders. Of course he only has a few simple tools at his disposal, but he always works out whodunnit …

Historical series are fascinating because they give us an insight into the lives of people in the past and make it seem more real to us. They're not always accurate, but you can always find out more about the true historical facts by reading about the subject. So watch, learn, and enjoy!

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Both Rome and The Tudors abound with nude sex scenes at every opportunity so don't watch if at all prudish. Full male frontals and at times we are not so sure that the actors are not actually doing the act for real.

I love Outlander, Merlin, and Atlantis. Although they are not the most accurate TV shows, due to the fact that they're myths (Atlantis and Merlin), they're extremely entertaining to watch.

I've loved historical fiction all my life; in books, TV series or films. For TV, I still believe BBC is, by far, the best, the rigor and care you see in their series is amazing, and they've been doing it for so long! Lately, I've enjoyed Poldark, (my god, that Adrian Turner!!!) Outlander, (very sexy) Mr. Selfridge, and Paradise, just to mention a few, because I could go on forever with this topic!

I will have to take a look at poldark

Reign on the CW is also an amazing show


@Hedaya Kelani, I love Outlander and Merlin too!!! All this series look very interesting thanks a lot!!!!

Films, shows and books with historical settings are my soft spot. Love this article, I'll definitely try these films out.

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