What Princess Are You According to Your Astrological Sign

By Olivia

What  Princess  Are You According to  Your Astrological Sign

Ever wanted to know the Disney princess you are according to your zodiac sign? We know we’re all queens, but if you were a princess which one would you be? Here's the Disney princess you are according to your zodiac sign.

Table of contents:

  1. 1. Aries – Princess Jasmine
  2. 2. Taurus – Rapunzel
  3. 3. Gemini – Megara
  4. 4. Cancer – Cinderella
  5. 5. Leo – Merida
  6. 6. Virgo – Tiana
  7. 7. Libra – Mulan
  8. 8. Scorpio – Pocahontas
  9. 9. Sagittarius – Belle
  10. 10. Capricorn – Moana
  11. 11. Aquarius – Ariel
  12. 12. Pisces – Snow White

1 Aries – Princess Jasmine

You are independent and a little bit feisty. You know the best way of getting things done and nobody is going to convince you otherwise!

2 Taurus – Rapunzel

If you are a Taurus, you are super sweet and creative. You are happy, loyal and dependable which makes you a wonderful friend.

3 Gemini – Megara

You are talkative and like for your opinion to be heard by everyone. You are also very witty and curious.

4 Cancer – Cinderella

Cancers are extremely empathetic and kind. Due to your compassion for others, you are nurturing and care for all living creatures.

5 Leo – Merida

Leos are super stubborn, but strong! They are very polarizing people because of their intense energy and vivacious nature.

6 Virgo – Tiana

If you are a Virgo, you are very realistic and knowledgeable. Others look up to you because of your mature and modest character.

7 Libra – Mulan

Libras are very intellectual and love to read. They are inspiring and easygoing, but indecisive when making decisions about their own lives.

8 Scorpio – Pocahontas

You are confident and bold. Scorpios can achieve anything they set their mind to, but they can also be secretive.

9 Sagittarius – Belle

Sagittarius people tend to be philosophical. They are very focused on their goals and have wonderful spirits.

10 Capricorn – Moana

Capricorns are practical and stable. They have patience, perseverance and are natural born leaders.

11 Aquarius – Ariel

You are open-minded and adventurous. You love learning and wondering about the unknown. You are extremely curious and rebellious at times.

12 Pisces – Snow White

Pisces like to keep a low profile because they are very modest. They are also very kind and unselfish, putting everyone before themselves.

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