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Which of These Girl Power Movie Characters is You?

By Jennifer

I love that there are more and more animated characters in movies are girls, and that they're doing so many bad-ass things! Sure, we can all relate to and admire Katniss and other live-action movie heroines, but which of these girl power animated characters is your spirit animal?

1 Lucy Wilde from Despicable Me 2

Lucy Wilde from Despicable Me 2 Voiced by Kristen Wiig, Lucy is arguably the girl-poweriest animated character in recent history. She's smart, she's fearless, she's tough, and she's not waiting to be rescued (at least til the very end). She does her own share of rescuing, too, though, so she's no damsel in distress.

2 Violet from the Incredibles

Violet from the Incredibles With a mom like Elasti-Girl, it's no wonder the shy, introverted Violet blossoms into a hero in her own right. She doubts her abilities at first, but once she learns what she can do, there's no stopping her.

3 Lucille Krunklehorn from Meet the Robinsons

Lucille Krunklehorn from Meet the Robinsons We all know there aren't nearly enough women in the STEM fields, which makes Lucille kind of an animated trailblazer. She's quirky and compassionate and is not afraid, at all, to be who she is.

4 Colette Tatou from Ratatouille

Colette Tatou from Ratatouille Just like women in STEM are a rarity, they're also a minority in the professional kitchen (which is ironic, since in the home, we still do most of the cooking). Colette, however, is right there in the thick of the all-male kitchen at Gusteau's, holding her own and taking zero gaff.

5 Fiona from the Shrek Series

Fiona from the Shrek Series Sure, Shrek is the focus of this film series, but Fiona (and maybe Donkey) steal the show. In most of the first film, she's afraid to be who she is, but she soon learns that her real self, all big, green, and full of sass, is much more interesting than her "fake" pretty-princess self.

6 Go-Go from Big Hero Six

Go-Go from Big Hero Six Go-Go is just the best, and all you need to know about her is that rather than telling her co-stars to toughen up by using the usual "man up," she tells them to "woman up." She's tough, needing help from no one (remember the scene where she declines Hiro's helping hand when she falls, and figures it out on her own?) and speaking her mind.

7 Ellie from up

Ellie from up Aside from the heart-wrenching opening in the movie, we catch only fleeting glimpses of Ellie, the adventure-loving, thrill-seeking little girl in UP. She's just lovely, a role model for every little girl... and every big girl, too.

8 Korra from Legend of Korra

Korra from Legend of Korra I have to admit, I was skeptical I could ever love an Avatar as much as I adore Aang, but boy, was I wrong. Korra is strong and confident, but still willing to learn. She's also not afraid to show her vulnerability or to ask questions. She's also proof that boys will watch an animated show with a strong female lead.

9 Wyldstyle from the LEGO Movie

Wyldstyle from the LEGO Movie Who knew plastic could be so tough? Wyldstyle/Lucy is the ideal female protagonist - smart, funny, and able to laugh at (and move past) herself and her own biases.

While not all of these girl-power goddesses star in films that pass the Bechtel Test, they're are still powerful, relate-able characters. Who else should have made my list?

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