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7 Reasons Why Sherlock Holmes is the Thinking Girl's Crumpet ...

By Cassandra

If any of you have ever watched BBC's Sherlock, I am sure you can agree that Sherlock Holmes is every thinking girl's crumpet. This term means that while he is found physically attractive, what with those razor sharp cheekbones and ebony curls, he is mainly found desirable for his incredible mind. Our dear Mr. Holmes, portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch, is a refreshing hero; one who doesn't flaunt an excess of machismo. Sherlock is appreciated by women for his massive intellect as well as many other attractive attributes. Let's fawn over a few of the reasons that Sherlock is every thinking girl's crumpet, shall we?

1 Brainy is the New Sexy

Sherlock is primarily the thinking girl's crumpet because brainy is the new sexy (as stated by Ms. Irene Adler). He possesses ridiculous and awe-inspiring intelligence. As the only consulting detective in the world, Sherlock can crack open cases that leave other renowned detectives and forensic scientists baffled. His sheer cunning and uncanny ability to make scientific deductions cause his female viewers to go weak in the knees! Girls just can't get enough of seeing Sherlock use his marvelous brain to become one sexy human encyclopedia. Who wouldn't want to explore that mind palace of his?

2 Confident

Sherlock's unparalleled genius allows him to be ultra-confident, and who isn't drawn to that? As a "high functioning sociopath," Mr. Holmes couldn't care less about what people think of him, despite his eagerness to impress. He knows that his intelligence is unmatched, and because the police can't keep up with him, Sherlock never hesitates to break all the rules. He daringly chases criminals across the streets of London, illegally breaks into suspect's homes to search for clues, and he relishes the lengthy banter between himself and his enemies. There's something about his confidence and extremely unfiltered manner that makes Sherlock come off as the brainiest bad boy of them all.


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3 Virtuoso

Sherlock's brilliance isn't limited to solving elaborate crimes; he is also a talented violinist! Sherlock's dedication to composing and playing his own music makes him even more seductive than he already is. He uses his violin to build a wall between himself and the static noise of the world, turning to music when he needs solace to think or meditate. Sherlock's compositions are hauntingly beautiful, and this softens up his seemingly rigid and aloof personality. Whether Sherlock is simply fiddling with his instrument by plucking the strings, or completely engaged with his bow, it sends shivers up my spine to see Mr. Holmes longingly gaze out a rainy window with his violin in hand.

4 Observant

A part of Sherlock's genius stems from his magnificent observational skills. From one simple glance, he can know all about a person's career, personal life, domestic life, and much, much more. Sherlock pays close attention to the finer details that most ordinary people overlook. He can decipher what sort of perfume, makeup, or hair product someone uses by relying on nothing other than his five senses. Impressively, Sherlock is even able to discover Ms. Adler's gorgeous measurements simply by observing her. Not only is this nifty talent awesome by itself, but just imagine what a fantastic gift-giver Sherlock must be when holidays roll around!

5 Mind over Body

One of the things that I love most about Sherlock is that he isn't infatuated or obsessed with the female body, like many men are. He cares much more about the way women think. Sherlock professes his boredom with female anatomy to Irene Adler, telling her "…you cater to the whims of the pathetic and take your clothes off to make an impression. Stop boring me and think." Sherlock is not impressed with Irene because of her physical appearance, and goes as far to look down on men who abuse and exploit the female body as a source of entertainment. If he were interested in looking at naked women he would simply, as he says, "borrow John's laptop." Shame on you, John Watson. Shame on you.

6 Bookworm

I don't know about the rest of you ladies, but I think that men who read and appreciate literature fall nothing short of alluring. Sherlock can be seen many times relaxing in 221B with a book in hand and a cup of tea. What I wouldn't give to spend a rainy afternoon with Mr. Holmes and a great read. Sherlock is also well versed when it comes to proper grammar, and he won't stand for the incorrect use of it. Upon an interview with a murderer, Sherlock could not care less about the culprit's story and focused more on his horrendously improper use of the English language. As an English major, I absolutely swoon over this moment!

7 Loyal

Despite Sherlock being, well, his high functioning sociopathic self, he is inarguably loyal to those whom he holds dear. He uses his brains over his brawns to rescue loved ones by outsmarting his enemies and friends' captors. Don’t you just love to see the gears in his head whirl frantically when he's under pressure? In the last episode of series 2, Sherlock is even willingly to commit a forced suicide in order to save the lives of his dearest friends. Sherlock will stop at nothing to keep them out of harm's way.

Sherlock's divine intellect is one in a million! If you have yet to see this show, I implore you to give it a chance. If you have seen Sherlock, what are some of your favorite things about this thinking girl's crumpet?

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