7 Fantastic Reasons to Binge-watch Hemlock Grove ...


There are so many reasons to watch Hemlock Grove. It's a Netflix original series and it'll keep your eyes glued to the screen the whole way through. Honestly, I don't know how it took me SO long to start this show! I began the show a few days after season 2 was released and finished both seasons in less than a week. Busy summer, huh? I highly recommend this series if you love the thriller/suspense/supernatural genre! Check out some of the reasons to watch Hemlock Grove.

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Supernatural Element

Although there are many (and I mean MANY) TV series about werewolves and vampires, this show approaches the subject of it differently. It's more character-based, meaning the audience gets invested in the person, not the monster. One of the leading men in the show, Bill Skarsgard (who plays Roman Godfrey), said these monsters "enhance the characters," making it something you haven't really seen before. The supernatural element is just one of the reasons to watch Hemlock Grove.


Eye Candy

I'll be honest with you guys, there is some SERIOUS eye candy in this show. Bill Skarsgard and Landon Liboiron are the leading men and they're the ones who keep you coming back for more. I mean, I could watch their scenes over and over again and be satisfied. Of course, the rest of the cast is fantastic, too.


Young Love

I don't want to give any spoilers away but love does blossom on this show. I became so emotionally invested in this relationship (is that even healthy?), but I couldn't help myself! As weird/disturbed as these characters are, you can't help rooting for their happy endings. You'll understand exactly what I'm talking about as soon as you start the show!


Graphic Transformations

If you watched Twilight, the whole human-to-werewolf and werewolf-to-human transformation was really easy to watch. In Hemlock Grove, it's a bit more disturbing. The transformation is really graphic and vivid but, at the same time, it's AWESOME. All I can say is that the special effects people on this show are seriously amazing at their job.


Bill Skarsgard's Accent

Bill's from Sweden and although he plays an American on the show, his accent does slip from time to time. Those are actually my favorite moments! If you pay close attention when he speaks, you'll have no problem pointing out those moments. Aside from those slip-ups, his American accent is fantastic!



Shelly is a sort of awesome "Frankenstein tribute." She's got skin that glows whenever someone touches her - which I think is pretty amazing. She's misunderstood and seen as a monster but she's really a loving, gentle soul. She's Roman's sister and the relationship they have with one another is so adorable!


Season 2 Was Just Released

Season one has thirteen episodes - that means nearly thirteen hours. That can't possibly be enough! Luckily for us, Netflix just released season two of the show - an additional ten episodes. Fair warning, don't watch these episodes before going to bed. It'll make for some pretty weird dreams... LOL!

Well, there you have it. These are just seven out of many reasons why you should start binge-watching Hemlock Grove NOW! If you're already a fan of the show, what's your favorite part about it? What do you hope to see in future seasons?

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