17 Craziest Disney Conspiracy Theories ...

I know I’m not the only person who finds themselves losing hours of your day to the throes of Disney conspiracy theories. At first, you think they’re so implausible, and then you keep reading, and they all make sense! They must be real! It is Disney, after all. Whether or not you believe them, these Disney conspiracy theories are ridiculously interesting, and I won’t judge you if you spend too much time falling down the Disney conspiracy theories rabbit hole!

1. Boo is the Witch from Brave

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Although this is a part of the infamous “Pixar Theory,” it’s so insane to wrap your mind around that it needs to be addressed separately. It's definitely one of the more insane Disney conspiracy theories to truly understand. Boo is the witch from Brave, who can disappear every time she walks through a door, á la Monster’s Inc. To make an even better case for this theory, there’s a drawing of Sulley on the witch’s walls. However, there’s more to the witch’s story that brings us to the rest of the Pixar Theory.

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