17 Craziest Disney Conspiracy Theories ...


17 Craziest Disney Conspiracy Theories ...
17 Craziest Disney Conspiracy Theories ...

I know I’m not the only person who finds themselves losing hours of your day to the throes of Disney conspiracy theories. At first, you think they’re so implausible, and then you keep reading, and they all make sense! They must be real! It is Disney, after all. Whether or not you believe them, these Disney conspiracy theories are ridiculously interesting, and I won’t judge you if you spend too much time falling down the Disney conspiracy theories rabbit hole!

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Boo is the Witch from Brave

play,toy,toddler,child,screenshot, Although this is a part of the infamous “Pixar Theory,” it’s so insane to wrap your mind around that it needs to be addressed separately. It's definitely one of the more insane Disney conspiracy theories to truly understand. Boo is the witch from Brave, who can disappear every time she walks through a door, á la Monster’s Inc. To make an even better case for this theory, there’s a drawing of Sulley on the witch’s walls. However, there’s more to the witch’s story that brings us to the rest of the Pixar Theory.


The Pixar Theory is a popular fan theory that suggests that all of the Pixar movies are connected and exist within the same universe. The theory was first proposed by Jon Negroni in 2013 and has since been the subject of much debate and discussion among fans.

The theory suggests that the witch from Brave is actually Boo from Monsters, Inc. The theory is supported by the fact that Boo is able to disappear when she walks through doors, just like the witch in Brave. Additionally, there is a drawing of Sulley on the witch’s wall which further supports the theory.

The theory goes on to suggest that the witch’s curse on Merida is actually an energy crisis, which is the same problem that the world of Monsters, Inc. is facing. It is also suggested that the witch is actually an ancient monster from the world of Monsters, Inc. and the energy crisis is a result of her arrival in the world of Brave.


The Pixar Theory

toy,screenshot,mythology,carving, The Pixar Theory, put simply, is that all Pixar movies take place in the same universe. All animals and other creatures gained the ability to talk with the witch in Brave’s magic. This theory is wonderfully complicated and confusing, and to truly to understand it, you must be extremely well versed in Pixar movies.


The intricacies of this theory suggest that the tales we've seen are chronologically ordered, starting with the ancient magic from Brave shaping the future of the universe. Easter eggs—like the Pizza Planet truck and the A113 classroom number—appear in various films, offering subtle breadcrumbs that fuel this overarching narrative. From the evolution facilitated by the witch's spells that gives animals and objects sentience, to the post-apocalyptic WALL-E world, this theory paints a grandiose tapestry of interconnected fates and shared histories — a Pixar-made web of life where every character has its place.

Frequently asked questions

Some people think they see the word 'SEX' in the stars when Simba flops down, but the truth is it's supposed to spell 'SFX' for the special effects team.

Fans have theories that some Disney movies are linked, like 'The Little Mermaid,' 'Frozen,' and 'Tangled,' because of similar characters and Easter eggs.

A wild theory says 'Aladdin' happens in the future because Genie mentions things from thousands of years later, but it's just a fun part of the story.

Some guess that the movie 'Frozen' was made to distract from searches about Walt Disney being frozen, but it's really just a coincidence.

There's a theory that 'The Incredibles' is talking about how governments watch people, but it's mainly a superhero family movie.

Some think Disney has hidden messages promoting different views, but most times they aim to tell good stories with important lessons.

Fans speculate that Wall-E is alone because he killed other robots, but he's really just the last working cleaner robot in the movie.

People see similar looks or Easter eggs in movies and guess that characters might be family, but these are often just fun details added by animators.

A theory suggests 'Moana' distracts from ocean pollution with a magical story, but many believe it also raises awareness about respecting nature.

Fans have speculated this because Andy's mom owns a cowboy hat similar to Jessie's, but it's not confirmed in the movies.


The Beauty and the Beast/ Tarzan Theory

mythology,jungle, I love this theory because it means that two of my favorite Disney characters are related! This theory suggests that Jane from Tarzan is the granddaughter of Belle and the Beast. It makes sense, who else would have inherited that iconic purple and white tea set? Plus, Jane was excellent at communicating with a beast-like man. Sound familiar?


Sure, it's utterly charming to think Belle and the Beast's tale didn't end within the pages of their own story. The tea set isn't the only heirloom passed down; Jane's own adventurous spirit and fierce intelligence feel like a direct nod to her supposed grandmother, Belle. And let's be real, her ease around Tarzan does echo Belle's comfort with Beast. It's as if their legacy of love and understanding unusual companions has continued through the generations, making for a family tree as enchanting as the stories themselves.


The Emily Theory

cartoon,organ,toy,illustration, This theory is definitely one of my favorite movie theories to-date. The Emily theory is pretty simple, but extremely crazy. Supposedly, Emily, Jessie’s previous owner, is Andy’s mom. It makes sense when you really delve into it. After three movies, we never actually learn Andy’s mom’s name. Andy is seen wearing an almost identical hat to the one Emily wears in Jessie’s flashback. Plus, Emily’s room is decorated in a retro way that would’ve been common for the time Andy’s mom was growing up. In every Toy Story movie, it’s often brought up how rare and valuable Woody is. Wouldn’t it make sense if Andy’s mom had found the boy version of the toy she loved so much growing up?


The Emily Theory was first discussed on the internet in 2011, and has been debated ever since. It suggests that the character Emily, who owned Jessie in the movie, is actually Andy's mother. This is supported by the fact that Andy wears a hat similar to Emily's, and Emily's room is decorated in a style that would have been common during the time Andy's mother was growing up. Fans of the movie have also pointed out that Woody is a rare and valuable toy, which could explain why Andy's mother would have kept him. While the Emily Theory has not been confirmed by the creators of the movie, it has become one of the most popular Disney conspiracy theories.


The Frozen and Tangled Theory

, By now, you’ve probably seen the picture floating around the Internet of Rapunzel and Eugene at Princess Elsa’s coronation. There’s a very possible theory out there that Elsa and Anna are cousins of Rapunzel. However, some people take that one step further…


The Frozen and Tangled Theory suggests that Princess Elsa and Princess Anna from the Disney movie Frozen are cousins of Princess Rapunzel from the Disney movie Tangled. This theory has been gaining traction on the internet due to the fact that Rapunzel and her love interest Eugene can be seen in the background of Elsa's coronation in Frozen. This theory has been discussed on various women-focused blogs, with many fans of both movies debating the plausibility of the connection. While some fans are convinced that the theory is true, others remain skeptical. Ultimately, the truth of this theory remains unknown.


Frozen, Tangled, and the Little Mermaid

Frozen,underwater,anime,fictional character,mythical creature, This theory is verging on Pixar Theory complicated. Because some people think that Elsa and Anna are Rapunzel’s cousins, it’s entirely possible that their parents were on their way to Corona for Rapunzel’s wedding when their ship capsized. Going even further, some people have questioned whether or not the shipwreck Ariel discovers in The Little Mermaid is actually the King and Queen of Arrendelle’s ship. If so, doesn’t that make that scene in The Little Mermaid so much more depressing?


The Disney movies Frozen, Tangled, and The Little Mermaid are all connected, according to a popular Disney conspiracy theory. Some people believe that Elsa and Anna, the protagonists of Frozen, are cousins of Rapunzel, the protagonist of Tangled. Furthermore, it is speculated that the shipwreck Ariel discovers in The Little Mermaid may be the same ship that Elsa and Anna's parents were on when it capsized. If true, this would make the scene in The Little Mermaid much more heartbreaking. This theory has gained traction among Disney fans, and has been discussed on various movie and women-focused blogs.


Tangled and Snow White Theory

doll,toy,barbie,one, The classic Disney princess story has a beautiful princess, charming prince, and evil queen/stepmother, right? Let's look at that last ingredient a little more closely. In both Tangled and Snow White, the beautiful princess is raised by a spiteful woman who isn't her actual mother, and who is obsessed with youth and beauty. Both villains turn into old hags before the movie's end, and use deceit disguised as love as their weapon of choice. Is this a coincidence, or is the mother from Tangled the really evil stepmother from Snow White?


The Disney princess story has been a popular one since the early days of the Disney Company. It typically involves a beautiful princess, a charming prince, and an evil queen or stepmother. The theory that the evil queen from Snow White is the same person as the mother from Tangled is one of the most popular Disney conspiracy theories.

The similarities between the two characters are undeniable. Both villains turn into old hags before the movie's end, and use deceit disguised as love as their weapon of choice. In addition, both characters are obsessed with youth and beauty, and are not the actual mother of the princess.

The theory is further supported by the fact that both movies were released by Disney around the same time, and both feature a female villain who is not the princess’s mother. The theory has been discussed by fans on various forums, and has become one of the most talked about Disney conspiracy theories.

The theory has also been discussed in various articles and blogs. It has been suggested that the theory could be true, as both characters are similar in their motivations and methods. However, there is no concrete evidence to support the theory.


Frozen and Tarzan

habitat,jungle,mythology,underwater,mythical creature, Although those Frozen theories seem very fleshed out and possible, there’s another theory that’s nearly been confirmed by the creators of Frozen. They hinted in a Reddit AMA that the King and Queen didn’t die, but instead washed up on an island, gave birth to a baby boy, and then got eaten by leopards, an obvious nod to Tarzan. It may have been a joke about the numerous Frozen theories that are popping up everywhere, but in reality, is anything ever really a joke when it comes to Disney conspiracy theories?


Aladdin is a Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy

Aladdin (1992),cartoon,screenshot,mythology,illustration, Wait, what? That's right, you read correctly! Some Disney conspirators have examined the details and determined that Aladdin takes place in the future! The genie claims he has been locked up for ten thousand years, placing the story far away in the future. Plus, Genie impersonates actors from our time, meaning he couldn't have been alive in the ancient world, and therefore got locked in the lamp during the 20th century. In this future, the "magic" inventions of flying carpets and talking monkeys are really just state-of-the-art technology!


This futuristic twist turns Agrabah from a simple Arabian fantasy into a tech-savvy utopia, with advanced machines and gizmos disguised as sorcery and enchantments. Think about it – a world where likable robots echo the quirkiness of a genie's charms. It's a playful melding of yesterday's tales and tomorrow's innovations, all wrapped up in a magic carpet ride through time. This theory takes rewatching to a whole new level – keep your eyes peeled for the easter eggs that suggest a whole new world that's actually an old one, reborn in surprising ways!


Carl is Dead

nose,person,cartoon,glasses,head, To take an incredibly depressing turn, some argue that Carl dies after learning he has to move to a retirement home in Up. The rest of the movie is his trip to the afterlife, with Russell helping him along his way. As depressing as that is, it does seem entirely possible.


This theory is based on the Pixar movie Up, which follows the story of an elderly man named Carl Fredricksen and his journey to South America. In the movie, Carl learns he has to move to a retirement home and viewers have speculated that this is the moment Carl dies. The rest of the movie is then interpreted as Carl's journey to the afterlife, with his young companion Russell helping him along the way. This theory has been widely discussed among fans of the movie, and it is an interesting take on one of Pixar's most beloved films.


Frozen: It's All Political

Disney MacBook Decals,snowman,flightless bird,penguin,illustration, Frozen has many interpretations, among these is that Frozen is all about the negative repercussions of climate change. Prince Hans represents the small island nations around the world who are threatened by rising tides resulting from melting glaciers. Queen Elsa represents the extreme fears we all have of a climate change too severe to control.


Alternatively, Elsa's powers could symbolize the fierce and unpredictable nature of the environment, which, if not respected and properly managed, can turn from a source of wonder into a formidable force. Anna represents the relentless human spirit and the intrinsic desire to understand and connect, showing how humanity is an integral part of the environmental equation—capable of causing harm but also healing. The harmonious resolution of the sisters' conflict hints that embracing one another, like working collaboratively on climate action, can lead to a balanced and sustainable outcome.


Alice is Tripping

cartoon,anime,screenshot,illustration,mangaka, Of course, there's this classic, crazy conspiracy theory! Although most people who have actually read Lewis Carroll's books agree that Alice in Wonderland has nothing to do with hallucinogenic drugs, people still insist that it's all about drug use! From the caterpillar sitting on a mushroom smoking hookah, to Alice's body distortion caused by "magic mushrooms", the story is full of references to illegal substances.


The Disney movie adaptation of Alice in Wonderland is one of the most beloved and iconic films of all time. The movie was released in 1951 and has since become a classic. Despite this, there is a common conspiracy theory that the movie was actually based on drug use. From the caterpillar smoking hookah to Alice's body distortion caused by "magic mushrooms", there are many references to illegal substances. This theory has been around since the movie's release, however, most people who have actually read Lewis Carroll's books agree that Alice in Wonderland has nothing to do with hallucinogenic drugs. Nonetheless, this conspiracy theory continues to fascinate many people.


Lion King: Hamlet with Animals

The Lion King Movie,LION KING,The Lion King (1994),ecosystem,cartoon, Of course, everyone reveres Hamlet, one of Shakespeare's greatest plays ever written. Just a few notches down from that, we probably place Lion King, one of Disney's greatest animated films. Perhaps people love these stories so much because they're so similar! Like in Hamlet, a prince's father is killed by his uncle, but the details of his death are kept a secret. Hamlet has two close friends, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, who are a little bit goofy, but still critical characters in the play. Doesn't that remind you a bit of Timon and Pumbaa? The list of similarities goes on, convincing many Lion King lovers that the movie was based on Hamlet!


Was Belle Describing Aladdin?

When Belle is in the bookstore and describes her favorite story all about far off places, magic spells and princes in disguise, was she actually talking about the story of Aladdin? It would be pretty cool if she was!


It's a delicious thought for sure, considering that both Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin are set within old, fantastical worlds. The uncanny description of Belle's beloved book is such a near-perfect match to Aladdin's tale that it ignites the imagination. What's even more intriguing is the notion that these enchanting stories could be interwoven within the same universe. If so, Belle's adoration for a story with such a resemblance suggests a magical crossover only Disney could concoct. Could this be a subtle nod from the creators, or merely a coincidence? The theory certainly puts a spellbinding twist on things.


Sexy Words in the Lion King

There has long been a myth that the special effects guys working on the Lion King added in the word ‘sex’ to dust in a scene where Simba flops down on the edge of a cliff. It has never been confirmed but many people think they can see it!


The Lion King is one of the most beloved Disney movies of all time, and the animated classic has spawned many conspiracy theories over the years. One of the most popular ones is that the special effects team for the movie added the word “sex” in the dust when Simba flops down on the edge of a cliff. While this has never been confirmed, many fans still swear they can see it in the scene. The scene in question is from the movie’s iconic opening sequence, when Simba is presented to the animals of the Pride Lands. It has been a topic of debate and speculation for many years, and it remains one of the most popular Disney conspiracy theories of all time.


Aladdin Never Happened!

Have you ever thought about the possibility that the entire story of Aladdin could have been made up by the salesman we meet at the beginning of the movie to try to get us to buy the lamp? It could have just been a piece of garbage!


That's right, the street-savvy peddler might have been the greatest storyteller of all time, concocting an elaborate tale of genies and magic carpets to unload a seemingly worthless trinket on his audience. We’re left to clutch our pearls and wonder: Could the beloved adventure have been an inventive sales pitch all along? Perhaps, in the realm of Disney, it's the charm of the tale, not the truth, that captures our hearts. After all, isn't a little bit of mystery part of the magic?


Ariel’s Mother Was Killed in Peter Pan!

Do you remember that beautiful red headed mermaid that we see in Peter Pan? Some Disney fans like to think that it is Ariel’s mother, Athena. We know that she was killed by pirates, and there are definitely a lot of pirates in Neverland!

What’s your favorite Disney conspiracy theory? Let me know in the comments!

This article was written in collaboration with editor Sabrina Yates.

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My 5 year old granddaughter spotted Rapunzel in frozen, she's either really observant or watches too much Disney!!

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no! Carl is not dead! he is alive and well. stop killing me

I thought Belle was talking about her own story that was about to happen

the one that I see all over Facebook is the Tarzan and frozen theory. it gets me annoyed because in Tarzan they escape the ship with baby Tarzan. he was already born when the ship wrecked so it doesn't go at all.

what if the fight scene in the little mermaid caused the storm destroying Anna and Elsa's parents

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